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Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus
Friday, October 16, 2020
Any% SNES Shokushu GVirus
Retro Tracks 100cc NDS Chwarles GVirus
Any% NES Maniacal42 Chad_Thorsen
Erin Gashuna - Co-op Genesis Mannix86 / d4gr0n Chad_Thorsen
1P Stadium (Super Hard) N64 (WiiVC) FFRPro21 Chad_Thorsen
0-20 SNES Acmlm Chad_Thorsen
Any% Glitchless PSX (Emulator) garnitexas JWRHarding
No Cheats Max Stats Any% NG+ Stolen PS3 MarthSR JWRHarding
Any% PC ScrubCasual Midnight_Vesper
Any% Frozen Titans PC RooseSR Midnight_Vesper
All Required Monsters PC FrejasFeather SerAvium
Any% NMG PC Midnight_Vesper XombiePunkTV
No Major Skip PC Shvok XombiePunkTV
Any% OOB Switch Pappy_QC NicoPlaysThings
Any% SNES SuperBigKMart NicoPlaysThings
Glitchless NES (Emu) DD_g LMMotoss
Randomizer NES (emu) DDg, LyraSRL, Czardia LMMotoss
All Worlds PC PeasMBS TaintedTali
Any% (Co-op) Switch WillowtheWhisperSR TaintedTali
All bosses PC Cutieroo1, SmashySR TaintedTali
Disk 1 GCN DaisyFannn JWRHarding
Any% Genesis NamajnaG JWRHarding
Any% - Easy PC JWRHarding 50percentgaming
Room/Key Randomizer SNES (Emu) ZandraVandra, GliitchWiitch, Arborelia, randomsalience 50percentgaming
Saturday, October 17, 2020
Bonus Run SNES ZandraVandra, GliitchWiitch, Arborelia, randomsalience 50percentgaming
101% SNES azder GVirus
100% IMB PC WillowtheWhisperSR, SaberaMesia, Orloth, VideoGameRoulette GVirus
Any% PC Qaotik NicoPlaysThings
Any % SNES (Emu) Grisgotjunk Saelacel
Campaign+ Any% PC TwanM4n Saelacel
100% (Fighter) PC davidtki Saelacel
Any % PC huxxny SerAvium
Glitchless Genesis d4gr0n SerAvium
Any% Matchbox SNES Fizztastic SerAvium
Beat the Game SNES (Emu) Durdle_Kingdom DD_g
Story Mode (Easy) SNES CountGooby DD_g
Randomizer NES Moliman22 BenShowSly
Any % SNES dnk_lionais BenShowSly
Any% (Co-op) Arcade Octopilion & Fizztastic BenShowSly
Any% Wii Avasam BenShowSly
Any% - hard Genesis (emu) MastaFredz7 BenShowSly
Easy Genesis SuperSonic71087 TheLevelBest
Any% - Easy SFC deserteagle417 TheLevelBest
Flex on Mum Switch Bungied2TheTree TheLevelBest
Nitro Tracks (No Items, No Skips) Wii NicoPlaysThings TheLevelBest
Any% N64 MorKsQC TheLevelBest
Any% SNES parisianplayer Anma
Any % Switch VIICTIIM Anma
Any% SNES (Emu) decapent316 DD_g
Big 20 Goals% NES Magick1, Moo_moony, Miketheswan, Skateman222 DD_g
All Bosses NES Tecate GVirus
100% SNES zoasty GVirus
Speedrun Mode PC Chasing Rats Games / NoReset Games GVirus
Sunday, October 18, 2020
All C-Sides PC PeekingBoo GVirus, Squee
Leon A, any% PC MangoPunch AnEternalEnigma
Any% New Game + PC SavageSaskatch AnEternalEnigma
Any% Normal PS2 TheLevelBest, JWRHarding AnEternalEnigma
Any% PC Ecdycis AnEternalEnigma
Any% No Major Glitches PC The9Eagles DD_g
Linear No OOB PC turtlewaxtv DD_g
100% Genesis Acegamersam Sikrieria
Any% (Unrestricted) PC Avasam Sikrieria
New Game Good Ending NG Good Ending AEtienne Sikrieria
The Way Back! Sega CD (Emu) moo_moony IgDagger
All Cups (Skips) N64 ObiyoSRL IgDagger
Any% Switch Khanster786 IgDagger
100% SNES (Mini) BouletsdelaMer JWRHarding
Any % NES (Emu) megakyle83 JWRHarding
Any% Wii SlurpeeNinja JWRHarding
Any% NES SuperBigKMart BenShowSly
Any% GB (Emu) LMMotoss 50percentgaming
Any % Glitchless Luigi GB (Emu) Silver_Triforce BenShowSly
Any% GBA (GBP) CyklopzGV 50percentgaming
Warpless NES Tecate, SuperSonic71087, ACMLM, 50percentgaming Gvirus
Any% D-4 FDS Tecate 50percentgaming
Any% 2-2-2-2 All-Stars SNES (Emu) Silver_Triforce BenShowSly
100% SNES electronicLogic, Lordfixx 50percentgaming
100% SNES tridenttail 50percentgaming
Randomizer SNES Fleakee, Starx, Guiz, korncover Sikrieria
Any% GBC Gatorbox GVirus
Struggle% PC Nikoheart GVirus
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus

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