Montreal 2019

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryPlatformNickname / Handle
Stadium% Montreal noresetmarathon
Friday, September 06, 2019
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Nitro Tracks (No Items, No Skips) Wii Nico_mkwii
Any% No OoB PC NamajnaG
Any% No Game Over Abuse PS2 (PAL) stumpdotio
Any% PS4 LilxStarxJo
Any% Switch LouLouCore
Any% (J) NES miketheswan - sensato_kuro - skateman222
Saturday, September 07, 2019
Any% NES (Emu) LaBrosse - tm9001
Any% OOB PS4 ZerolagGaming
Any% SNES Azder
70 Stars Wii VC Darrow25 - Sawce_bawss
Any % SNES HolySmith
Mashing% SNES BlackPliff
Any% PC wooferzfg_
100% PC LaBrosse
Any% N64 g0goTBC
100% SNES (Emu) harpo669
All Cups SNES Dracula013
Any% NDS (Emu) Jaxler1
Any% NES SuperBigKMart
All Zones NES (Emu) Keiishi - SuperBigKMart
Any% PS2 Moo_Moony
48 Tracks items Switch Draco655
UV Speed PC Electra13x7777
Tournament Mode (DS) NDS (Emu) Avasam
Any% NES mynameisjoey
Any% SNES tm9001
Tia PC Darko_RTA
Any% Wii SlurpeeNinja
100% SNES Bouletsdelamer
Any% PC VideoGameRoulette
GSR N64 (Wii VC) MorKsQC
Any% GCN RealBread
Open Keysanity Rando SNES falconcan - KamillBR - LittleMSArcade - Scaryolive
Sunday, September 08, 2019
135% GT Code SNES Azder - CanadianOwl - FrenchLightningJohn
NG PC KatLink
Any% PSX Deln
Ultra Violence PC PmGab
Going Postal PC JWRHarding
Any % PC Grisgotjunk
Any% PC Danonymous42
Any % Easy PS3 KakusuSora
All Pokemon GB AceGamerSam
0-20 SNES Acmlm
Super Hard SNES Darko_RTA
Any% - Unrestricted PC Realtyz - SNeeaaky
All Stages One Loop NES Avasam
Any% - Co-op Arcade (Mame) MarthSR - Moliman22 - Moo_Moony
Any% SNES (Emu) LordFixx
Any% N64 Max_Blaze
All Dungeons Switch ScrubCasual
Warpless NES (Emu) RockDet - SuperMegaDav
Triple Bingo Switch Karlyr
Bingo: Croix Nintendo Wii ActuallyImJerome
Any% - Relay Multiple Moo_Moony - SuperMegaDav - Moliman22 - RockDet - TM9001 - Hyxost
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon

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