Neptunia Marathon

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerRunner 2Runner 3CommentaryCommentary 2Commentary 3Commentary 4Commentary 5
NG Animation Skip chfou dabomstew
NG+ (Normal End) dabomstew
Any% zfreshpinoy
NG+ Any% (Bad End) dlh112
NG+ Any% (Bad End) dlh112
NG+ Good End Endeavorgaming
NG+ (Bad End) Endeavorgaming auroraflow12
NG True End GreenZSaber
NG - True End GreenZSaber
NG+ Race Bad End Endeavorgaming dabomstew Marenthyu
Any% zfreshpinoy hdnmarathon
NG+ Any% Normal End dabomstew
Sunday, August 20, 2017
NG (Conquest Ending) dabomstew
NG Neploli
NG Any% Neploli
NG Neploli
NG True Race zfreshpinoy Neploli
Any% zfreshpinoy
NG True End Race auroraflow12 dabomstew zfreshpinoy
Good End zfreshpinoy auroraflow12 dabomstew Neploli GreenZSaber Endeavorgaming chfou dlh112

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