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ScheduledEstimatePlatformCategoryIncentivesRunner 1Runner 2Runner 3Runner 4Commentator(s)Restreamer
zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
PC NG - True End Trilogy EN VS JP veloalopus zfreshpinoy
Friday, August 19, 2022
PS5 All Trophies EN VS JP ravspect illayaya
PS5 NG - Normal - Fang Only (noDLC) EN VS JP AaronEsP11 illayaya
PC NG - Any% - Famitsu Only EN VS JP Endeavorgaming illayaya
PC NG - Normal End EN VS JP the man that use to be Runner 1 marenthyu dabomstew
PC All Quests - 4P COOP Character Choice / COOP Team must do Special Quest - EN VS JP Endeavorgaming dabomstew Hexi123 mizutoka dabomstew
PS5 All Trophies EN VS JP - Use Arcade Jump on last Boss AaronEsP11 dabomstew
Saturday, August 20, 2022
PC NG - Any% EN VS JP Ozdhaka zfreshpinoy
PS5 All Trophies Peachy Peach War Character War zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
PC NG EN VS JP silenteagle3 marenthyu
PC NG - Current Patch EN VS JP - 1st Place Must Read Dream Narration Choice fultonboss IIvgmII marenthyu
PC VS PS5 NG - Race silenteagle3 mughen9 marenthyu
PC VS PS5 NG - Bad End nodlc EN VS JP - Name (1) Disc Incentive - Add Runner 6 veloalopus AaronEsP11 Endeavorgaming marenthyu dabomstew marenthyu
PC NG - nodlc EN VS JP fultonboss dabomstew
PC NG - True Ending - Easy - NODLC EN VS JP auroraflow12 dabomstew
PS4 NG - True End - Neptune Only Name (1) Disc Incentive - Bonus Colosseum Fights - EN VS JP veloalopus dabomstew
Sunday, August 21, 2022
PSTV NG - CPU True End Choice Producer Name / CPU Unit Name / CPU Choice War zfreshpinoy illayaya marenthyu
PC NG - Conquest - 4P1C Model Swap - EN VS JP marenthyu IIvgmII veloalopus ravspect marenthyu
PC NG - Any% EN VS JP darklunardude marenthyu
PC NG w/ DLC Good End Bid War Ending - Normal Vs Good Vs True - EN VS JP ravspect marenthyu
PS3 NG - True End CPU Name Incentive - nodlc VS dlc - EN VS JP - 4th Runner Joins - 5th Runner Joins - Mystery Incentive if all main incentives met zfreshpinoy illayaya darklunardude ravspect zfreshpinoy
PS4 NG - True End Mystery Incentive IIvgmII zfreshpinoy
Monday, August 22, 2022
Staff / Runners / Memes zfreshpinoy

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