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ScheduledEstimatePlatformCategoryIncentiveRunner 1Runner 2Runner 3CommetatorRestreamer
Set Up % - Talk Incentives Dabomstew
Playstation 3 vs Steam NG+ True End - Showcase Race 50k - Use Developer Skills for Final Fight No Animation Skip Endeavorgaming Dabomstew Dabomstew
PC NG True End Marenthyu Dabomstew Dabomstew
Playstation 4 NG - Goddess Hexi123 Dabomstew
Saturday, August 18, 2018
Playstation 4 vs Steam NG+ Good End - PS4 Vs PC Showcase Race Fanservice% 80K - Turn off Flags - Each Flag requires 20k to turn off Endeavorgaming pikadude9001 Dabomstew
Restreamer Change Endeavorgaming Hexi123 Retroid99 Auroraflow12 Neploli
Playstation 4 NG - English Version Any% Blanc Solo Only % - 200k Neploli Neploli
PC NG+ - Any% Race Mathew10Wilson Retroid99 Hexi123 Neploli
Playstation 3 NG+ Normal End Bidwar - MK2 VS OG FFF Hexi123 Neploli
PC NG+ Bad End Marenthyu Neploli
PS VITA / TV NG - Any% 420k points Lvl 1 Peashy and Plutia - 320k Gear x Uni Narration by zfresh and 0x - 500k Blanc Only zfreshpinoy Neploli Neploli
Endeavorgaming Marenthyu Hexi123 zfreshpinoy
PC NG Conquest Bidwar - DLC Gehaburn Vs No DLC Gehaburn Endeavorgaming Marenthyu zfreshpinoy
Playstation 4 NG - Easy - Normal End 75k Points True End / 75k Points - Get a Random Waifu Ending zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
PC NG - Any% English Vs Japanese Voice ozdhaka Dabomstew
Auroraflow12 Toad1750 zfreshpinoy
PC NG zfreshpinoy
Restreamer Change Dabomstew
Sunday, August 19, 2018
Playstation 4 NG - Normal End Dabomstew Dabomstew
Playstation 4 Any% (J1.00) 100k Points View Ending Credits / 300K Points Read Blancs Dream segment / War Eng (4:00) Vs Jap (3:00) Toad1750 Dabomstew
Restreamer Change Neploli
PS VITA / TV All True Ends Neploli Cosplay Bidwar - Neptune vs Nepgear Cosplay Neploli Neploli
PC NG - Normal End Endeavorgaming Neploli
Playstation 3 NG - Bad End English Vs Japanese Voice zfreshpinoy Neploli Endeavorgaming Neploli
Restreamer Change Endeavorgaming zfreshpinoy
Playstation 3 NG Normal End Endeavorgaming zfreshpinoy
Playstation NG - True OQ Incentive - Requires 1 Million Points Auroraflow12 Dabomstew Neploli
Playstation 4 All Trophies Special Incentive BONUS GAME 7.5 Million Points zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
Monday, August 20, 2018
Did we get True End? HDNMarathon Staff zfreshpinoy

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