Hekathon 2019

For the third year running, ESA's twitch channel will be graced by the presence of not only the greatest, but also the most humble speedrun marathon on planet earth.

Hekathon 2021 is guaranteed to give you an experience no other online marathon would even dare to, featuring our staple Mirror's Edge and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy relay races, as well as fresh new runs you're bound to enjoy.

Tune in between April 26th and 28th over at twitch.tv/esamarathon.

The marathon will be raising money for the 2019 ESA Summer Charity, the Alzheimer's Fund.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Cropax PC Any% ZooKetra
Jackintoshh PC NG+ All Levels ZooKetra
PolyTrick PC Vorador% ZooKetra
HotShotWire PC Any% ZooKetra
Team Juan vs Team Carlos PC Any% relay race Live bid war: commentary bias Hegemege
henyK PC Any% Hegemege
Saturday, April 27, 2019
o_circles PC All Secrets Hegemege
NoobSalmon PC No OoB Bid war: character name Hekigan
DrTChops PC Any% No Debug Room Incentives: run any% afterwards, sing the commander's incredible song Hekigan
Opixer PC Any% NG+ Incentive: alternate skin Hekigan
DaFatMan922 PC Any% Hekigan
Voetiem PC Any% NG+ Hekigan
Voetiem PC All Collectables Hekigan
Spyman68 PC Friend% Hekigan
SpringStingray PC Any% Easy Hekigan
Cropax PC New Game Standard Leon A SpringStingray
Pythonicus PSTV New Game SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC 100% Bid war: good ending vs bad ending SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Beat The Game SpringStingray
ZooKetra DS All Beginner Contest Golds Bid war: dog name SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Any% SpringStingray
Phillotrax, ZooKetra PC All Easter Egg Hunt Maps SpringStingray
itsMishu and TheLightsider PC Any% Co-op No Extended Climb SpringStingray
Cropax and MrWalrus3451 PC Any% Co-op Hegemege
HOOD61 PC Beginner Any% Hegemege
Goodigo PC LSD% Inbounds Hegemege
Sajiki PC Any% Incentives: try to get a time of 4:20 Hegemege
Hekigan PC Any% Hegemege
Shafournee and Sajiki PC Any% NLS Co-op weapons normal Incentive: Super Hatty 64 Hegemege
havrd PC Scavanger Hunt Sajiki
ZooKetra PC 69 Stars Sajiki
LurkingAssassin vs Athos213 PC All Skill No OOB/TA race Incentive: wilhelm frog Sajiki
Sunday, April 28, 2019
pmcTRILOGY PC Any% Sajiki
DaFatMan922 PC No SLA Sajiki
praskOo_ PC 100% Hekigan
brainfluid PC Any% Hekigan
Spyman68 PC Any% Hekigan
Biglaw PC 100% Hekigan
Covert_Muffin PC Level 1-10 LG Restricted, No OH Hekigan
Shafournee and BossCoffeeCake PC Any% Co-op Hekigan
alexh0w PC Any% Incentive: run refunct Any% during the final cutscene Hekigan
SpringStingray Xbox 360 Any% SpringStingray
Mattmatt10111 PS4 Any% PS4 Bid war: skin choice SpringStingray
Hutchtee PS4 Any% SpringStingray
Goost PC Any% with dialogue SpringStingray
Phillotrax, ZooKetra PC 1000 Dirt (2 player) SpringStingray
Goodigo PC Any% SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Any% SpringStingray
ZooKetra and Goodigo PC Any% Incentive: music competition ZooKetra
ZooKetra PC 100% ZooKetra
ZooKetra IRL 10 Pencils Drilless ZooKetra
havrd and Janmumrik PC Any% ZooKetra
kungkobra PC Any% ZooKetra
kungkobra vs NoobSalmon PC Caravan Master World Tour ZooKetra
havrd PC Best ending ZooKetra
havrd PC yes Hegemege
henyK and Scopiiii PC Weapons Course Co-Op Hegemege
Jugachi PC 100% Hegemege
LifeL1ke PC All Bosses Hegemege
O_Circles PC Any% Hegemege
epicdudeguy PC Any% Zipless Hegemege
Sajiki PC Undead Campaign Shafournee
SeductiveSpatula PC Any% Shafournee
monojira PC Any% NCS Incentive: showcase any% run Shafournee
Team Juanita vs Team Carla PC Any% relay race Live bid war: commentary bias Hegemege
HotShotWire PC Any% Hekigan
Monday, April 29, 2019
Covert_Muffin PC All Skill Locations Hekigan
Jayden_Owem vs Your_Solution PC Any% Race Hekigan
Shaddex PC Any% Hekigan

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