HEK Block at ESA Summer 2022

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intro video
Any% Team Juan vs. Team Carlos live Bid War: Commentary Bias
Hunter Intermission (1:44), Metaverse PSA (1:41)
Any% (Classic) henyK textures etc
Farming Intermission (1:55), Reset PSA (0:48)
Super Hatty 64 Shafournee & Sajiki live bid war: we love/hate super hatty 64
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
exec Interview (5:38)
Co-Op Randomized (Easy) brainfluid, praskOo, EddwardG, Elgu
Shaf & Meteos Interview (5:25)
All Bosses Jackyrite & Kainalo & Shafournee & Heki & Meteos_probably QR Codes

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