Hekathon 2022

Back for the sixth year in a row, Hekathon will grace the ESA Twitch Channel with not only the greatest, but also the most humble speedrun marathon on planet earth.

Hekathon 2022 is guaranteed to give you an experience no other online speedrun marathon would even dare to, featuring our staple Mirror's Edge and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy relay races as well as plenty of fresh new runs we know you'll enjoy.

Tune in to Hekathon 2022 from May 13th-15th over at twitch.tv/esamarathon.

Hekathon 2022 will be raising money for the 2022 ESA Summer Charity, Save the Children.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimatePlayer(s)PlatformCategoryTypeDonation IncentivesRestreamerBackup
valdemarka PC PRO/SA Single run Kainalo Hegemege
Heinki, LotsOfS PC Atilla the Hun Co-Op Kainalo Hegemege
juh0rse PlayStation All Cutscenes Single run Kainalo Sajiki
CookieBunny PC Story Easy (Catherine Classic) Single run Kainalo Sajiki
Abseudus PC Any% Single run Kainalo Sajiki
Saturday, May 14, 2022
fatman922 Switch Any% Single run Meteos_Probably Sajiki
dereklander PlayStation 2 Any% (No Item Glitch) Single run Meteos_Probably Tomrish
Sharkhat PC Any% (CC+FPS) Single run Meteos_Probably Tomrish
DrTChops PC Any% Single run Incentive: Bonus Majima Saga Run Meteos_Probably Tomrish
SasquatchSensei PC Easy Single run Meteos_Probably Tomrish
BBGingaNinja PC No Major Skips Single run DogMeats Tomrish
Aeshmah PlayStation 4 Any% (Jack) Single run DogMeats Tomrish
praskOo PC Any% Single run DogMeats Sajiki
Kainalo PC All Levels (Steering Wheel & Pedals) Single run DogMeats hegemege
Cheesus_Burgers PC Wipe Out France Single run DogMeats hegemege
Sajiki, Haribaldt PC Hirschfelden Triathlon% Race DogMeats hegemege
noobsalmon PC Any% Single run Heki hegemege
Sajiki, Haribaldt Tabletop 6 Decks% Co-Op Relay Co-Op Heki DogMeats
Kainalo, hegemege PC 1v1 Co-Op Heki DogMeats
Cheesus_Burgers PC Golf Single run Bid War: Character Choice Heki DogMeats
artisiole PC All Endings% (22 Endings) Single run Heki DogMeats
devastatorone PC 100% Zippyless Single run Heki DogMeats
fatman922 PC All Main Categories Single run Incentive: Legacy Route Tomrish DogMeats
ESPORTS Commentators Tomrish DogMeats
Team Juan, Team Carlos PC Any% Relay Race Race Live Bid War: Commentary Bias Tomrish Hegemege
CovertMuffin PC 100% (Randomizer) Single run Incentive: Wilhelm Frog Tomrish Hegemege
Shafournee, Hekigan, Meteos_probably, JackyRite PC Pogers Co-Op Incentive: Fight the Joker Tomrish Hegemege
artisiole PC No Passing Through Portals Single run Tomrish Xoneris
Sunday, May 15, 2022
Shafournee, Sajiki PC Any% No Level Skips Co-Op (Weapons) Co-Op Live Bid War: I hate/love my Co-Op Partner Tomrish Xoneris
Mekarazium, Valeriaaa_CHAN, ECS1312 PC Any% (NG+) Race Tomrish Xoneris
Sasky PC Normal Ending (Haruspex) Single run Shafournee Xoneris
voetiem PC Any% Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
Sharkhat PC Any% Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
DrTChops PC Any% Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
Ozmourn PC True Ending Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
electric_man17 PlayStation Any% Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
Meta PC Any% Single run Shafournee Meteos_Probably
eerokurkisuo Arcade 1CC Single run DogMeats Kainalo
Mattmatt PlayStation 2 Any% NG+ Single run DogMeats Kainalo
timopy PC Any% Single run DogMeats Kainalo
xoneris GBA Any% Single run DogMeats Kainalo
praskOo PC Any% Single run DogMeats Kainalo
epicdudeguy Dreamcast Any% Single run Sajiki Kainalo
DogMeats PC Egg% Single run Sajiki Kainalo
timopy PC All Levels Single run Sajiki Heki
Mekarazium PC Gods Must Die Showcase Single run Sajiki Heki
Cadarev PC All Unique Deaths Single run Sajiki Heki
havrd, Janmumrik PC Guatemalan Coop Single run Sajiki Heki
havrd PC ChatGuessr Single run Sajiki Meteos_Probably
ESPORTS Commentators Heki Meteos_Probably
Team Juanita, Team Carla PC Any% No Stablaunch Relay Race Race Live Bid War: Commentary Bias Heki Meteos_Probably
Smash PC Any% Single run Heki Shafournee
DrMeowington PC Vehicle Percent% Single run Heki Shafournee
Havrd, Fnzzy, Radwoo, DrMeowington PC Quiz% Single run Tomrish Shafournee
acousticgameduck PC 16 Red Keys Single run Tomrish Sajiki
Mattmatt, Hekigan X360 Any% NG+ Co-Op Tomrish Sajiki
Monday, May 16, 2022
jackyRite PC All Levels Single Run Tomrish ?
Shafournee, Hekigan PC Restoration (Community Center, NDE) Co-Op Tomrish ?
danisangb PC Any% Current Patch Single run Incentive: Bonus TAS Runs Tomrish ?
Shafournee, Hekigan, Meteos_probably, jackyRite PC Any% Quads Co-Op Tomrish ?

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