Lan ÉTS 2016

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ScheduledTemps estiméCatégorieConsoleRunnerTwitchPB du runner
Stream% Lan ETS No Reset noresetmarathon 2:55:00
100% PC Nitrofski Nitrofski 0:37:39
Saturday, April 16, 2016
RNG% PC Shokushu Shokushu 0:12:21
16 stars Multiplayer Wii VC Ushikagu ushikagu 0:16:27
Team Bingo Wii VC RealBread, Radio realbread 2:00:00
Any% Hard Catwoman PC Terran2034 Terran2034 2:35:00
Any% NGC Darrow25 Darrow25 2:57:33
All instruments SBG2 Deln Deln 0:19:00
MST 3DS Fozzy NOUFozzy 2:32:02
No Exploration Glitch SNES TM tm9001 0:43:22
PFK% SNES Shokushu Shokushu 1:13:00
Any% SNES TM tm9001 0:56:02
Any% WiiU VC nolife9face nolife9face 1:23:28
No Levels Early N64 Bismuth bismuth9 2:41:35
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Any% PC NoSpoon Qbitgames
Any% N64 Obiyo exordObiyo 00:44:00
Any% PS2 Nitrofski Nitrofski 1:09:20
100% PS1 slvr silveraltar 1:59:45
100% NMG Wii VC SuperBigKMart SuperBigKMart 1:21:26
Any% SNES Jeedunit Jeedunit 0:48:01
Any% 2 Players SNES ZerolagGaming ZerolagGaming 2:56:37
Expert NGC Darrow25 Darrow25 0:13:40
NG+ Any% Normal PC GVirus tosagvirus 0:15:0
Any% SNES Zerolaggaming zerolaggaming 0:46:38
Zero 100% PS2 ZerolagGaming zerolaggaming 0:43:49
Controller% Xbox Please!!! noresetmarathon
Any% PC GVirus tosagvirus 0:38:39
Le dernier Setup?
Any% Wii VC TM tm9001
Any% NGC Darrow25 darrow25 1:30:38
11 Exit Glitchless Wii VC TM tm9001
Any% Warps Wii VC Radio iamaradiox 0:05:21
70-star Wii VC nolife9face nolife9face 0:57:25
TalkShow% Twitch GVirus/iamradiox noresetmarathon 1:00:00

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