Lan ÉTS 2018

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
120 Star Wii VC darrow25
1 star Wii VC Hyxost
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Any % Race Switch Karlyr_Na / PerfectQuest
Any% Easy PC PmGab
Any% PC ETwontphone_home
Saturday, February 10, 2018
Any% NG+ PC Scrubcasual
Any% NG+ PS2 BlackPliff
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Any% NG+ PC Flotsa
32T 200cc Wii U Dracula013
All Challenges PS2 teebee_303
100% Wii quoooo
100% N64 ObiyoSRL
Any% Normal N64 rockdet
Any% Agent N64 daisyfan_gewii
100% SNES KamillBR
Low% Buster Only SNES Nastaros
100% Zero GCN ZerolagGaming
All bosses NES Mazimov
Any% SNES ElminsterRTA
Any% Richter NDS domdoughty
Any% Seeded PC Thaan
All Bosses - Glitchless Coop PC Jeedunit & Fenrika
Coop Easy PC Sensato Kuro / SuperMegaDav
Blind% (Hardest) SNES (Emu) ParisianPlayer
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Randomizer SNES Acmlm / ElminsterRTA
MOTS SFC pidgezero_one
Sunday, February 11, 2018
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
0-20 SNES Acmlm
Any% SNES Shokushu
Mouche% SNES Dracula013
Any% PSX skateman222
Any% PS2 avasam0612
Any% NES skateman222
Mickey Genesis AceGamerSam
Any% Genesis mastafredz7
100% Genesis AceGamerSam
Any% No EQD PC SNeeaaky
Any% NSC GBC rockdet
Co-op SNES Nastaros et Dirtup
Any% NES SuperBigKMart
Any% Kids GCN RealBread
Any% NES (Emu) maxketchumz
Any% Wii VC Darko_RTA
Coop NES ZerolagGaming / DD_Gamingz
Zipless NES DD_Gamingz / Mazimov
Any% (Specter Knight) PC Tohloo
Any% GBP SuperBigKMart
Warpless 8-4 (Luigi) SNES SuperMegaDav
Any% Wii PerfectQuest
Any% Warpless SNES Shokushu / Parisian Player
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon

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