Lan ÉTS 2020


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Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus
Showcase PC Shokushu, DD_g GVirus
Sonic & Tails Story GCN PerfectQuest BenshowSly
Saturday, February 15, 2020
Queen League SNES (Emu) Moliman22 BenshowSly
100% SNES NightZerker BenshowSly
100% SNES AiKio BenshowSly
100% Zero GCN ZeroLagGaming GVirus
Freudia PC Darko_RTA GVirus
10 NES Meme Games NES skateman222 GVirus
NG Easy PSX JWRHarding Anmaeriel
Any% NG PC KatLink Anmaeriel
No Major Skip PC MaxKetchumz Anmaeriel
Any% PC Deln Anmaeriel
Goldfinger X360 DaisyFannn Sikrieria
Any% PC GravelFreeman (LesDeviants) Sikrieria
NTSC - Game 4 - 15-Minute Limit (Points) Atari 2600 teebee_303 Sikrieria
Any % PC BenshowSly Sikrieria
100% 1P PC g0goTBC Sikrieria
any% SNES TM9001 Sikrieria
Any % Easy SNES Octopilion, Moo_Moony Sikrieria
Any % MAME Octopilion Sikrieria
Blind% PC ZerolagGaming, Darko_RTA Nitrofski
NG+ NoCheats PS3 MarthSR Nitrofski
16 Star N64 Hyxost, VideoGameRoulette Nitrofski
Retro Tracks (NI/NS) Wii ActuallyImJerome, Nico_mkwii Nitrofski
Any% SNES Ce_Mec NamajnaG
Any% Switch Karlyr_ NamajnaG
Any% PC Nitrofski NamajnaG
All Achievements PC mohoc7 NamajnaG
Master Sword Unrestricted Blindfolded SNES parisianplayer GVirus
NG+ Human PS4 LilxStarxJo GVirus
Leon A PS4 1handgod BenshowSly
New Game+ Coop PC NamajnaG, SequelGanja BenshowSly
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun Perfectquest
Any % Easy PC SavageSaskatch Perfectquest
Law Ending SNES Electra_RTA Perfectquest
Any % N64 Flux_500 DD_g
All Missions NDS Chwarles DD_g
Any % GBA SuperMegaDav DD_g
Story mode all levels GCN Darrow25 DD_g
100% No Major Glitches NES SuperBigKMart ActuallyImJerome
Reverse Boss Order PC VideoGameRoulette ActuallyImJerome
Showcase PC VideoGameRoulette ActuallyImJerome
Kindergarden% SNES (Emu) Lordfixx ActuallyImJerome
70 star N64 (Emu) sawce_bawss, AceGamerSam BenshowSly
Any% NES (Emu) Acmlm BenshowSly
Beat the game GB ZandraVandra BenshowSly
Any % Switch LouLouCore BenshowSly
Linear No OOB PC turtlewaxtv GVirus
No OoB NG Guitar% PC JCBoorgo GVirus
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus

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