magFAST 2021

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Xtreme 100% Poisson
100% ThisIsJayC
100% PoisonCurls
Buster Only RatSin
Any% Michelle
Fun% Michelle
Any% Tortadiego
Buster Only BaronVonBryan
Any% Gregar Risch
Saturday, January 23, 2021
ResidentSleeper% Everyone
Randomizer - Any% SaintVonJester
Ultimate Veteran Any% mashthestampede
Zangetsu Any% No Major Glitches Chenoh
Any% KarlGerm
Any% (No PS+ Warps) BertoPlease
Bidwar% MyOhMyke
16 Star Ripsalty
100% No Ice Michelle
100% All Keys TGH
Randomizer - Open Mode Ben Briggs
Sunday, January 24, 2021
ResidentSleeper% Everyone
100% Stump
100% No WW/OoB PhantomMat
Any% Solo Shinobi Risch
8-Bit (New Game, No Out-of-Bounds) Miller2B
Sans Ness% MyOhMyke
Randomizer - True Ending Ninnyz

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