magFAST 2022

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Kickoff% Everyone (including you!)
120% stump
Any% MetroidMaster
Any% SushiKishi
Any% Kazooaloo
Any% MetroidMaster
Any% Kazooaloo
Friday, January 07, 2022
Any% Blue Version Risch
Rest% Everyone (and you. yes you.)
100% X Normal Kazooaloo
Fun% HCHecxz
All Stages Normal JohnnyGo
Ultimate Veteran Any% joekingofcourse
Ep1: Ultimate Veteran Any% joekingofcourse
Any% Solo Shinobi Risch
16 Star no LBLJ Papayachunks
All BATs 1.0 SushiKishi
Any% Risch
Any% Pixel Remaster Ninnyz
Any% Randomizer SaintVonJester
Saturday, January 08, 2022
How Is It Already Day 3? Everyone (especially the Tech Crew)
15-card Mod badnewsnate and GFC_
All Dreams% FlannelKat
"The Whole Dang Game" FlannelKat
Any% (QoL Translation Patch) FlannelKat
Any% Normal MetroidMaster
Arcade 2 Player joekingofcourse and Mezada
Any% Mezada
Multiple Categories TASBot
Normal Skunky48
Any% Skunky48
No Ness% SushiKishi
Any% Randomizer SaintVonJester
[Too Excited To] Sleep% Everyone
Sunday, January 09, 2022
120 Stars by Many People Many Friends
X 100% ThisIsJayC
Any% Thetantalus
Full Run Studio
Any% No Ring Kyoslilmonster

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