Resident Evil Marathon 2020


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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateCategoryPlatformNickname / HandleHost
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus
Normal PC Pessimism GVirus
Best Ending Chris Knife Only PC Shiido TheLevelBest
Jill Any% NMG Knife Only PC WitchRain TheLevelBest
Leon A PC SmashF13ND TheLevelBest
Claire B PC MangoPunch TheLevelBest
Chris Real Survival Best Ending PC CarcinogenSDA GVirus
Jill Any% PS4 JWRHarding GVirus
Leon A Standard PC Mondomantra GVirus
Claire A Standard PC ChadThorsen GVirus
Saturday, June 06, 2020
Any% New Game PC Soulless_Persona DrMaxtermind
Any% New Game PC Soulless_Persona TheSpeaker
New Game Any% Normal Wii Nico_mkwii Anmariel/DD_G
New Game Normal PSX TheLevelBest BenShowSly
Any% - VE PS2 DrMaxtermind BenShowSly
Any% GBC Moo_Moony, TheLevelBest BenShowSly
New Game Easy PS2 TheLevelBest IgDagger
Full Game Normal PS2 DrMaxtermind IgDagger
Full Game, Very Hard PS2 TheDarkenedRose, WxKris, Hurriboy, TheNevs07 Tw4nMan
Any% PC IgDagger Tw4nMan
Hardcore Minimalist NG+ PC VideoGameRoulette, Alexanderson GVirus
Bonus Run PS2 DrMaxtermind GVirus
Glitched PS3 CarcinogenSDA GVirus
New Game + Professional Steam 60 FPS PC Doctorchosen ElectronicLogic
DLC PC NamajnaG, VideoGameRoulette GVirus
Sunday, June 07, 2020
New Game+ Coop PC NamajnaG, VideoGameRoulette GVirus
DLC PC NamajnaG, VideoGameRoulette GVirus
Easy Wii TheLevelBest, AtomicL AnEternalEnigma
Leon PC Soulless_Persona texanredwolf
Chris PC Soulless_Persona BenShowSly
Jake NG+ Amateur PC texanredwolf XombiePunk
Ada NG+ Amateur PC texanredwolf XombiePunk
BlackLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter BigJon, TheLevelBest, JrocTheGod BlackLivesMatter
New Game PC KatLink GVirus
NG easy Any% PC Spoopypenguin GVirus
NG Easy PC Spoopypenguin GVirus
Monday, June 08, 2020
Tofu Survivor PC Chad_Thorsen, VideoGameRoulette GVirus
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus

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