Stand-Alone Expansion 2022


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Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus Decapent316, Keiishi
Poulet% SNES Shokushu GVirus
Any% PC Pappy_QC DnDnat21
Any% - Co-op PC NaiveSquirrel, Chickencat42 DnDnat21
Saturday, August 06, 2022
Any% Starter Switch FireFoXz NicoPlaysThings
Any% SNES parisianplayer FireFoXz
Randomizer N64 Bismuth9, ObiyoSRL FireFoXz
Any% Xbox Un g0goTBC, RayleighZor FireFoXz
Any% No LSS SNES ZerolagGaming Lightmopp
Co-op SNES DD_g, Shokushu MagicK
100% N64 MorKsQC, dalerben61, PrakCity MagicK
Co-Op Hard Saturn Naramgamjan, Sensato_Kuro CrebleStar
Summit B-side PC tomboy42 CrebleStar
Any% PC MorKsQC CrebleStar
Any% SGC dagronSR CrebleStar
Custom flags NES MarthSR, BenshowSly, SilverTriforce, moomoony CrebleStar
Alucard NES decapent316 Sensato_Kuro
Any% SNES crismas, DnDNat21 Sensato_Kuro
Any% Eric (Normal) SGC Mannix86 Sensato_Kuro
Any% (Gilda) PC SNeeaaky Sensato_Kuro
Relay revenge (HYPE%) NES, SNES, N64 rockdet, moliman22, moomoony, silvertriforce, superbigkmart, SuperMegaDav ice_mouton
All Dinosaur NES moo_moony, Magick1, Rockdet, moliman22 ice_mouton
Sunday, August 07, 2022
Raph% Easy SGC MarthSR ice_mouton
4 way race, 2 player teams (chill difficulty) PC Blue Turtle, Red Turtle, Orange Turtle, Purple Turtle ice_mouton
Masochist/Advanced PC VideoGameRoulette GVirus
100% SNES CynanMachae GVirus
Any% PC Cinaeth GVirus
New Game Glitchless PC KatLink GVirus
Any% - Leon A PC Undead_Mats AnEternalEnigma
Nitro Tracks (No Items, No Skips) Wii NicoPlaysThings AnEternalEnigma
Any% NES Moliman22 LyraSRL
Any% NES rockdet LyraSRL
Any% Co-op SNES DenazeTello, MaxBlaze64 LyraSRL
Any% (FPS Abuse) PC (Steam) Avasam MaxBlaze64
All Cups (Skips) N64 Ce_Mec MaxBlaze64
Cyrus single story Switch CynanMachae, MonsieurMarcQC MaxBlaze64
Any% NES CrebleStar pavigeant
Normal Zipless NES Team Pico, Team Coucoune pavigeant
100% SNES BouletsdelaMer pavigeant
All Mini Games PSX Sensato_Kuro moo_moony
Simple Any% on a Guitar Hero controller PC JCBoorgo moo_moony
GOD% PC BouletsdelaMer MarthSR
Any% Switch ObiyoSRL MarthSR
Any% (No Sq/ww/OoB) GBC StigmatPlays MarthSR
Glitchless - Any%, Restricted Switch StandingWaltz ice_mouton
Monday, August 08, 2022
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus

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