RUSC-a-thon 2021

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Moscow timezone (UTC+03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% valdemarka
All Collectibles CCannabiss
DLC#1 Any% DevastatorOne
Any% NG Lin Vexicrypt
Any% Tezur0
Any% NG+ kazan9sh
Any% Hard TikTak
100% XleboMatb
100% WDN2010
Any% uspk
NG Any% Rekorer
Wednesday, November 03, 2021
Сон% Мелатонин
Any% NG+ ankaid
Any% - Director's Cut c0y0tl
Any% DevastatorOne
NG Easy Vexicrypt
Any% BazilioTheCat
Co-op All Main Courses qv2b и jorikgrozniy
Cycling - All Roads - Innsbruck CrystalCircus
Any% Normal Kykystas
WON Scripted javac
All Stages - Action Only WDN2010
Any% PeteThePlayer
Any% Glitchless AniMeliodas
Bad Ending izerli
No OoB izerli
All Missions H7per
All Main Categories AniMeliodas
Сон% Мелатонин
Thursday, November 04, 2021
Any% Inbounds notEphim
Hero's Story Mekarazium
Hell pX Sorceress ert
Co-op Beta qv2b и prolert
All Bosses GrafHause
All Story Missions tape_5
Сон% Мелатонин
Friday, November 05, 2021
Any% Classic README
All Actors + Any% YearAgo
Any% (гонка) Dogmeats vs. Tecna
Any% dakkaduck
1-ALL SilverStar
Any% Mekarazium
All Bosses (гонка) CrystalCircus vs. INVEYS
Random Seed Inbounds qv2b
Bingo (гонка) Kykystas vs. AniMeliodas
Сон% Мелатонин
Saturday, November 06, 2021
Any% Aeternum
Any% Waris
Any% Glitchless Standard gunlinux
All Levels Tezur0
Solo Roshan Kill Delekates
All Gold Bolts Sharfik
Racing+ Mod: 7 char mgln
NG Nero/Dante/V Bloodfish
Any% Solo GrustnikTV
Randomizer Diagon
Сон% Мелатонин
Sunday, November 07, 2021
NG Nero/Dante Devil Hunter Mekarazium vs. renzero
Any% AlexYeahNot
Any% Current Patch c0y0tl
Glitchless nikvel
Any% (No SSU) leshenka
NMG Dante Must Die! Mekarazium
Балдёж% Dogmeats
Any% NG+ w/Cat FOK
Any% Feanorus
Any% Bulkich
MDvMMw/CE cchwz

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