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Main Campaigns - Rocketdude burn1ngdesire
Any% NG+ Easy Tezur0
Vanny Ending Inbounds Zalex
Any% Kykystas
Any% - Classic, Inbounds LiquidSpot, OniShifter
Any% Rekorer
Any% Seifer
Any% FOK
All Levels, Free Level Order DevastatorOne
First Map DevastatorOne
All Pickups izerli
7-8 night skip everyone
Monday, May 08, 2023
E Ending Normal Difficulty Danflesh
Katana Only CheesusBurgers
Full Game - Normal bonegures
Journey - Expert NeGAtiv4k
Chapter One - Any% bonegures
Run Invalid RUSC
The Run Rekorer
7-8 is dead everyone

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