Maratona SGPT 2020

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All dates and times are given in America/Sao_Paulo timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Arcade - Floyd - Mania PC Urso20
Shiva - Normal PC ShimeGabriel
Any% Mega Drive Urso20
Any% Mega Drive ShimeGabriel
All Bosses Magician Mode GBA VaeVictusBR
Eric Normal Mega Drive VaeVictusBR
Easy Mega Drive ShimeGabriel
Any% N64 CaueYamikaze
Any% PC CesarMartins12
Kindergarten% SNES RedKiller
Small Only SNES DunkelGotik vs RedKiller vs thugkjj vs JairGamer40
Co-Op SNES thugkjj & LunaValkyr
Any% Normal SNES habeebs_
103% SNES Doumeis vs Narti1800_
Any% - Recruit XboxOne RuskyRevolt
Saturday, September 19, 2020
Any% No Major Glitches Normal PS4 fhelwanger
Normal SNES LunaValkyr
Normal Mode Game Boy DunkelGotik
Normal Game - Normal (Tyris Flare) Mega Drive Habeebs vs ShimeGabriel
Unlimited Any% PS4 MrSancini
Any% Super Model SNES MrSancini
Seasonal Campaign (Summer 2020) PC DunkelGotik vs Iceninetm
Bonus Circuit% N64 CaueYamikaze
Class 1 PS2 Iceninetm
USA% SNES DunkelGotik
Any% Warpless PS1 Iceninetm vs UnFantasmaMas
Any% (No Item Glitch) PS1 Nightsuno vs UnFantasmaMas
V-Hard + S-Hard SNES Yoschimidtsu
Sprint 40 Lines PC afaelr vs Problemstrol
Tails: Beat the Game PC ArcaniaCQ vs KiwamiZX
Sonic - Bad Ending PC KiwamiZX
Vergil New Game Normal PC zerodux
Claire B Standard 120 PC ialmeida777
Any% (Emulator) SNES Akutarex3
Any% PS1 KiwamiZX
All Stages Normal PC Akutarex3 vs KiwamiZX
Sunday, September 20, 2020
Any% GBA Komari_
Any% Survival Glitched PC desuroth
Any% GBA Doumeis
Medium - Arcade Arcade LD Speedruns
Any% Switch VouDarVirote
Any% Max Stats Game Cube Fire1520
Easy% SNES Chilipinha vs YuriSalgadin
Any% SNES LD Speedruns
Any% 2P SNES desuroth vs meleka_
Any% Good Ending SNES KiwamiZX vs meleka_ vs thugkjj
Co-op Story Beginner Special Switch Reg_Ran
Any% - Easy PC ikkezera
New Game Human PC zerodux
All Bosses - Legacy PC tgoconker
100% SNES GlaucioSouza vs NatanAnile
Reverse Boss Order SNES Tso15

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