Maratona SGPT 2021

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All dates and times are given in America/Sao_Paulo timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

100% Super Nintendo Fran_cee
Randomizer GBA Metroid Gameplays
The King Of Route 66 PlayStation 2 LD
Any% Super Nintendo LD
Randomizer Super Nintendo Tso15
New Game Android Marquinhos Samurai
Any% Ps+ Warps PlayStation 5 Duclier
Any% PC BRSamuel
Any% PC Gnomo
Any% No Major Glitchess PlayStation 1 desuroth vs Fantasma
96 Exit Super Nintendo Narti1800 vs thugkjj
100% Super Nintendo rokero171
Any% Good Ending PlayStation 1 Xan
Sunday, September 05, 2021
New Game+ Normal PlayStation 4 Sancini
Normal Mode Game Boy DunkelGotik
1 Loop Squire PC HaBeeBs_
Garden Ops (Normal) PlayStation 4 Cucaspeedruner
No Major Skips/Glitchless PlayStation 1 Pytlovan
Any% Monica Mod PC CesarMartins12
Any% Super Nintendo HaBeeBs_
Any% PlayStation 2 KiwamiZX
Mega Man Mega Drive Shime
All Stages PlayStation 1 TheDetonaGabriel
Any% Survival Glitched PC desuroth
103% Super Nintendo Doumeis vs Narti1800
Any% Drop Mod PC Daspharaoh
Any% PC Doumeis vs fhelwanger
All Secrets Super Nintendo rokero171 vs thugkjj
Sono% Sono% Sono%
Monday, September 06, 2021
Farks Story Super Static PC Arcania vs KiwamiZX
Warpless Super Nintendo Cakiinhu
Pentafecta Super Nintendo thugkjj vs Meleka vs KiwamiZX vs Pytlovan
Any% WiiU VC BeaRType
Any% (No OoB) Gamecube Cakiinhu vs SauloAndrade_
Tails Any% PC Arcania vs SauloAndrade_
Beat the Game - Glitchless Mega Drive Shime
3 Weapons PC labmau
NG Easy PlayStation 1 vappex vs DSBMX
Any% NG+ PC 120fps Joseval
Glitchless No S + Q PC lucasggd
Tuesday, September 07, 2021
Arcade - Expert PC Churrinha
Any% No Create PlayStation 3 Arcania vs KiwamiZX
No Skips Nintendo 64 Cakiinhu
No Major Glitches Super Nintendo Pytlovan
"Na Raça%" (Glitchless Designed Order) Super Nintendo Tepedino
All A Sides PC labmau
All Story Missions PC Narti1800 vs drk vs gui93
Any% Easy PC zerodux

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