SNES Super Stars Marathon 2017

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Crow! 1 player
Ppotdot1 Any%
Le Hulk 100%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any% Goofy
Anthole Any% All Movies Easy
jpnance Win a Game
Trysdyn Any%
Trysdyn Any%
TheMexicanRunner Easy or Hard
Rezephos NCNSW
EngiBlack Any%
Benko 100%
Aquas Any%
Skybilz, authorblues Any% (J)
swordsmankirby, suzuribaco Best Ending
Couch_23, philosoraptor42, Any% No credits warp
Saturday, March 11, 2017
Rezephos All Castles Small Only
DoDeChehedron Any%
DoDeChehedron Any%
RantronBomb Any%
RantronBomb Any%
RantronBomb Any%
KillerHUD1 Any%
lurk Any%
lurk Any%
FFR Pro 21, zexion6 Easy - S-Hard
EngiBlack, KillerHUD1 Any%
garbanzoguy, IndDragPack All bosses
garbanzoguy, patrickpower2013 10 exit
yelsraek Normal Beginning
Ppotdot1, Le Hulk Any%
A3r1uS Any%
A3r1uS Any% JRTA
Davidb1989 100%
Big Jon, Darbian, LackAttack24 All Four Warpless
JoeDamillio Any% No Major Glitches
Sunday, March 12, 2017
JoeDamillio Boss Rush
DanielRGT All Photos
Lioran Any%
LightningLuke81 100%
EngiBlack Any% Easy
Casusby Any%
Le Hulk 2 games 1 controller
Le Hulk, LP3Cinema, Broedgeman, st4rsurfer 100%
EngiBlack, Sawneyrath11, c94felipe Any%
Drakodan Any% Normal
Deln, ThunderMustache Any%
Casusby, Nightmare47, RaindropDry 100k Population Easy - 999k Glitch
StuntCoyote Any% Hard Mode (Cyber Woo)
NirvanaRuns Normal morphless
BeeKaaaay Level 1 Warpless
LiamPiper Any% Hard
LiamPiper Any% Normal
Prince_Leaf, montucky Any% Normal
cfb, foosda Any%
pidgezero_one, x_the_char, Dorkmaster Flek, DanielRGT, Countdown Any%
lltemple, Backgroundguy02 Any% Glitchless
Monday, March 13, 2017
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
Drumboardist Any%, Any Party
Drumboardist All Stages
garbanzoguy Normal
garbanzoguy All worlds
Crrool Any% Retry mode glitchless (US)
MetaSigma Any% No Defend
dan__h Any%
Vega4993 Any% Very Hard
Vega4993 Complete Game
crismas Any%
EdwardFourZERO6 GP Master All Leagues
Omnigamer Any%
Omnigamer Any%
Rymonol, Jackimus Any%
ButtersBB Any%
ButtersBB, Drumboardist Any%
Crak_Atak, RPGodfather Any%
Niakky, Beld_X, SerelepeMarsupial, AugustoTitan, RPGodfather Any%
SerelepeMarsupial Any%
JulianManuelR, C94Felipe, Calco2, vlackSR Any% Good Ending
Beld_X Tour Mode Normal
JulianManuelR, LRock617 Any%
LRock617 Mania Any%
LRock617 Any% all 8 pages
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Prince_Leaf Any%
JoeTronicX3 Any%
MrCab55 All courses
Jiseed Any%
Rymonol Good Ending
Akisto 100% (All exits)
Akisto Any% Normal
Radioactive_Rat Any%
Radioactive_Rat Any%
Radioactive_Rat Any% (Rash)
Yagamoth 1 player 2 controller
Yagamoth Any% 1 player 2 controller
LRock617 All Star Game
LinkaMeister 101%
LinkaMeister, Hubert0987 Any%
Darkwing Duck, RPGodfather Any% (U)
lildingus, zelgius25 Any% catacomb shortcut
Gusmancini Any% hard
Saint Connor Any%
Acmlm 0-20
i_smoke_meth_daily69, parisianplayer, Acmlm No major glitches, 2x speed
Skybilz Any% warpless
Skybilz Any% D-4 Luigi
RougueLink Any%
Namux Any% Normal
Antilles58 101%
Ecdycis S Ending
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
MrZeraTheMant All Speed Trax
PJ Any%
GinTatsu2 100%
kakipii Any%
Elminster Any%
sinister1 Any% difficult 1p2c (Raph/Don)
IrregularJinny Low% Buster Only
KVD Time Trial all tracks (J)
Deln Any% with Monk
Radioactive_Rat Any% Max
Dragondarch Any%
ThatsFairZack Ancient Cave Any%
GreenDeathFlavor, Akisto 96 Exit
Beardini Any%
LuizMiguel Any%
ColonelFatso Buster Only
ColonelFatso Any%
garbanzoguy No Star World
PJ Any%
Thursday, March 16, 2017
PJ Any% Robin
PJ Any%
Beardini Any%
WildAnaconda69 Route Randomizer
lltemple Any% Glitchless
Kekumanshoyu Any%
Pa-Sama Any%
Khananaphone Any%
Dragondarch Any% / 100% / Devil Ending
Le Hulk, Crow! Any% Story Mode
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
LinkaMeister Any% Normal
LinkaMeister Any% Glitched
Esper_Ramuh Any%
YellowKillerBee Any% JP
FuriousPaul, JoeDamillio, Twocat, TheMexicanRunner Any%
FFR Pro 21, zexion6 Easy - V-Hard (40 minutes)
Antilles58 102%
Supreme Any%
Calco2 95 Exit No Cape
Calco2 Any%
Friday, March 17, 2017
MrZeratheMant Reverse Boss Order
Osse101 Any%
Osse101 Any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
TheOkayGuy Swordless, All Dungeons
FFGamer86 100%
Countdown, A3r1uS Any% (with warps)
A3r1uS Tower Mode
Enmet Any%
Trysdyn Any%
brisulph Normal %
Katun24 Blindfolded Any%
parisianplayer All stages, 2x speed
zzzhonki, Stupca Low%
Engi, Kbzonfc1 Any%
Vaan Boss Rush
Vega4993 Any%
raikourider 103%
cleartonic Any% Forte
TurbulentEddie Stroke Play, Professional
TheDrifter18 Hard Any%
garbanzoguy Autumn Warp
Saturday, March 18, 2017
garbanzoguy Any% 1 player
LRock617, StuntCoyote Any%
Cronokirby Any%
Cronokirby Any% No LSS
puwexil Glitchless 100% (All Characters/Espers)
Walrus_Prime, TokyoDC2 100%
LuizMiguel, ColonelFatso, TokyoDC2 Any%
TheDrifter18 100% bad ending
kbzonfc1 All stages
Jorf Any%
JoeDamillio Any%
JoeDamillio Any%
Andy Masochist
WildAnaconda69, Jack879 100%
Toad22484, NMEtv Any%
NMEtv Any% Easy
Sunday, March 19, 2017
RottDawg Any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
berlindude1 Any%
montucky VS COM (Hard)
Prince_Leaf Any%
JulianManuelR Any%
JulianManuelR Any% Easy
ZakkyTheGoatragon Any%
Oranges Any% Normal
NerdyNester Any%
SCXCR Any% Bad Ending
SmartBall Any%
JordanIndiana Any% Easy
TopsyTurve Story Mode, Easy
mt76907, Andy_Kuma, Kolthor_TheBarbarian, Thecrispy22 Warpless and Any%
Ribbedkilla All Switches No Cape
Jackimus Blindfolded
BigJon All Four Any%
MrZeratheMant Glitched Cutscene%
Monday, March 20, 2017
MrZeratheMant Any% (JRTA)
ponktus Blindfolded Any%
Enmet Rookie
kekumanshoyu Any% Easy
Crrool Any% Retry mode (U)
Yagamoth Any%
LinkaMeister 104%
puwexil Glitchless 100% (All Quests)

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