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Lunatix Bad ending catacomb shortcut .
junkyarddave & katKunoichi Any% Co-op
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Normal
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any% Trainer Difficulty
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any% or 100%
Nobleboy77 Any%
Nobleboy77 Any%
scratchdragon Forge the Crystal%
Jinny Zero 100% Laseki
Big Jon Any% .
MrGuyAverage All Bosses
ShinyZeni All Minibosses RTA
Samiam, Stone Clive, AcidicIV Any% Normal lockhart, Teleo1
Saturday, November 23, 2019
Kaons Any%
Bungied2thetree Lite Flagset
Roneus22 Warrior% .
Osse101 Any% - No Map Copy
FFR Pro 21 Round Clear - Insane crazeyawesome
FFR Pro 21 1 Player Kitoko
Le Hulk, Ppotdot1 Any% NEEDED
Solarcell007, colinbolts Any% No Verminator Skip GinTatsu2
Big Jon Enemizer
KVD, Lafungo All Cups GP150cc Co-op dan__h, ?
bissmark Any% Easy
Sidarino Any% Easy
RaikouRider Vs. CPU (Expert)
Oranges_Love Easy
Emagen303 Any%
darkalexandr Normal, Cormano
FFR Pro 21, Yoschimidtsu Easy - Very Hard Razorflame, CardsOfTheHeart
stew_ 102% madmarc22
ShinyZeni Reverse Boss Order
Ecdycis A-Ending, D-Ending Tutorial
Sunday, November 24, 2019
roopert83 All Five 100%
sharif Any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
tutelarfiber7 Glitchless
KrusKader Megami Tensei 1 Any%
NYRambler Completable Logic - 4 Statues - Early Firebird
colinbolts Any%
Nobleboy77 Any% Expert Guy Sm_Izumi
poisoncurls, ROTFLandmines Crowd Control Race
drcossack Forge the Crystal
Smartball Any%
Lastsincommited Good Ending infinitemystery
siberianbull9 Randomizer
Monday, November 25, 2019
TheGoodProfessor NoBirds%
siberianbull9 Any%
Drumboardist! Any% Glitchless
MrGuyAverage, StuntCoyote, LinkaMeister 104%
Lenophis Any%
janglestorm Any%
Le Hulk All Red Gems
Le Hulk Goofy or Max
Le Hulk Easy
Le_Hulk 100%
KingRhodesTN Any% Normal
sloaters27 Low% Ice
Trysdyn Any%
Couch_23 Kefka @ Narshe
sYn_stream, x10power Any%
yelsraek Normal Beginning
yelsraek, NMEtv Stroke Play - Amateur
Fricker22RTA Major Glitches All Dungeons
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
StuntCoyote 100%
StuntCoyote Any%
Osse101 Any%
kekumanshoyu GT Classic
kekumanshoyu Any%
kekumanshoyu Any%
kekumanshoyu Any%
dan__h Any%
Teleo1 Professional Any%
Janglestorm Any%
LinkaMeister Easy, Sonia
Fisel Any%
Fisel, thugkj Any% 1P
thugkj Any% 2P
Fisel, thugkj Any% Good Ending
Razorflamekun Stage Clear
NicholeGoodnight Any% Easy
Akisto, Lui 96 Exit Xander
couch_23 Any% No64
Big Jon Warpless D-4 as Lil Weegee
darkalexandr Expert Difficulty
sloaters27 Any%
Jackimus Blindfolded% brisulph
Wednesday, November 27, 2019
jackimus Any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
Dna423, Bluebeary26, tonkotsu_tnkt Trilogy Any% Dustpan2112, emptysys, gill
Osse101 Any%
Kipp 50 Powerbombs RTA
crossproduct Dashless 100%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Beat the Game
giygasblues Gnat Attack 1-Loop
The Drifter18 Any% Hard FCJ2000
LRock617 Easy%
LRock617 Medium%
LRock617 Any% 8 Pages
anthole All Movies Easy
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
ThatsFairZack Ancient Cave Any%
poisoncurls 100% x10power
V0oid, Glan 103% Lumophile
Chillex, Mocha Warpless madmarc22
joe_ All winky exits BasementHero11924
Thursday, November 28, 2019
Sawneyrath11 11 Exit Glitchless
RaikouRider Ancient Cave (No Skips)
d4gr0n Any% Archdemon
Nobleboy77 100%
Teleo1 Any%
sYn_stream Level 1 Warpless
Yagamoth 1 Player 2 Controllers
Sawneyrath11 100%
Solski, azder Any% NMG
Sonicman2005 Sailor Jupiter - Normal
JulianRX Any% Easy
syuga, FFRPro21 VS COM Easy - S-Hard Razorflame
JulianRX, kalarse, JoeDamillio, Le_Hulk Any%
JulianRX Low% (No P Punch)
JulianRX Hard, Cormano
JulianRX Easy
metroidmcfly Professional
metroidmcfly Any%
Friday, November 29, 2019
Scratchdragon Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Basic Series
Hyo24 Any%
Crrool Any% Glitchless, Retry Mode
Schemax, Anthole Multiworld Enemizer Entrance Shuffle Retro-Mode
LinkaMeister Normal Difficulty
LinkaMeister 101%
Razorflamekun Endless, 99,999, Easy
DemonBattler All DK Coins Madmarc
Brisulph, Jackimus Co-op Normal
KiwamiZX, V0oidfangirl 2 Players - Normal
KiwamiZX, V0oidfangirl Co-op
Lucha_Gym Any%
darkalexandr Any%
Megawott/Linlinlin vs Synack/BrewersFanJP 2v2 Multiworld Race
Acmlm 0-20 AdirondackRick
FFR Pro 21 100 Lines - Level 0 Start AdirondackRick
FFR Pro 21 Rulue's Story Kitoko
Saturday, November 30, 2019
SCXCR Any% Tornado
SCXCR Any% Hard Mode
Lenophis Any%
Lenophis, MetroidMst Inverted Co-op
d4gr0n All Spells and Weapons
d4gr0n NoBomb%
Prince_Leaf Any%
Prince_Leaf Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Normal
Drakodan, Nobleboy77 Normal d4gr0n
katun24, parisianplayer 11 Exit Blindfolded bluesaint
d4gr0n No Napalm
d4gr0n Any%
d4gr0n Hard
Tavetendo Any%
Tavetendo Game Level 1
Tavetendo Gemfire Any%
RaikouRider, Maniacal Normal Logic solski, msmetroid
LastSiNCommited 100% Good Ending
LastSiNCommited Any%
LJMNin Any%
Lucha_Gym Any%
Sunday, December 01, 2019
Lucha_Gym Any%
KeetKetchum, 840Rigz Any% No LSS anatoleu, Aeralis
kirbyfan5009 Any%
BroedgeMan Any%
BroedgeMan Any%
BroedgeMan Any% Gundam
Sye990, Solarcell007 Extreme, Chaos, Forced Unsafe, 4 Statues
Osse101 Any%
CountGooby, LinkaMeister Any% stealinbread
CountGooby Story Mode Easy
Teleo1 Crazed% Emagen303
Teleo1 Low%
azder Low% NMG
DarkCucco Normal
RottDawg Any%
stringbeanstring All Mysteries Prince_Leaf
Big Jon All 4 Any%
? ?
DoctorSwellman Glitchless, RunBound Patch
Monday, December 02, 2019
Zombietraine Any%
dan__h Scenario 1, Allies
GinTatsu2 Any%

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