SNES Super Stars Marathon 2018

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Lastsincommited Any%
LinkaMeister Normal Difficulty
LinkaMeister Easy Difficulty
dan__h Scenario 7 Allies
dan__h Scenario 9 Allies
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk 100%
Le Hulk Max
Le Hulk Easy
Le Hulk Any%
VaeVictus, Le Hulk Any%
JermRo, Enmet Any%
JermRo any%
LRock617 Easy%
LRock617 ICC Any%
LRock617 Any% 8 Pages
LRock617 Story - Normal
Megakidicarus Spore Spawn RTA
DemonBattler All DK Coins
Akisto, Sten 96 Exits
Toasty GT Classic
Acmlm Levels 0-20
Saturday, November 17, 2018
DevolitionDerby Arle no Roux
Toasty Miniboss RTA
Oranges_Love Any% Normal
Turbo Gilman Nightmare Busters Easy Any% No Turbo
kirbyfan5009 Any%
SDiezal 100%
d4gr0n Any%
Tatori, ponk, Ddraig Item Randomizer
LRock617 Any%
Lucha_Gym Any%
Lucha_Gym Any% catacomb route
Big Jon Triforce Hunt
thedragonfeeney, Alucard2004 Crowd Control
DoDeChehedron, authorblues Crowd Control
MrGuyAverage, BFrobber, CanadianOwl, susreime Max% Gt Code
Hubert0987, MrGuyAverage NG+
Sunday, November 18, 2018
ponktus, redslash Defeat Magus RTA
Lenophis Any%
Lenophis All Worlds
darkalexandr any% Normal
A3r1uS, starfishprime Any%
Le Hulk Any% (US)
Le Hulk Any%
Smelly_Mctroll Any%
RaikouRider All Switches
Roneus Rookie%
A3r1uS Any%
A3r1uS Any%
d4gr0n Any% or Torch%
d4gr0n Normal
rezephos Small Only
Seathorne74,Twitchmasta123 No Starworld
Megakidicarus, RetroReviver Casual, No Route
cassidymoen, LJMnin
Toasty Any% DPRK
Monday, November 19, 2018
brisulph Any % Normal
colinbolts Any%
colinbolts All Bosses
colinbolts Gnat Attack 1 Loop
d4gr0n Any% Hard
d4gr0n JP Any%
d4gr0n Any%
d4gr0n Any% Normal
ElminsterRTA Low% GT Code
Lucha_Gym Any%
dan__h Any%
Ninnyz Any% no64
Traviktox, Contos any% easy
Traviktox Any%
Le Hulk, Solarcell007 Any%
Lenophis, MetroidMst Randomizer Keysanity co-op
Lenophis, MetroidMst Multitroid Item Randomizer
Prince_Leaf All Levels Normal Mode
Prince_Leaf Any%
Prince_Leaf Any% Normal
Ppotdot1 Any%
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Ecdycis All Endings
ARealCutie Any% (KPDR)
Elminster Item Randomizer
Smelly_Mctroll Any%
Eriror Any% NMG
Unknownavailability Any%
SmartBall Any%
stew_ All Levels
EODTex Any% Easy
EODTex Single Player
EODTex Easy
LJMnin Any%
junkyarddave, Katkunoichi Any% Hard Co-op
Count Gooby Story Mode (Easy)
Count Gooby Knight League
ScouB, KVD, Lafungo All cups GP150cc 2p mode
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
katun24 Blindfolded 11 exit
Picante Warpless D-4
Picante Any%
Supreme Any% All Stages
fezzyfezz Any%
Supreme Any%
Screevo All Dungeons NoEG/DG/WW
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
ryan_ford522 Any%
WillardJBradley 150cc All Cups Mini Mode
kekumanshoyu Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Beat the Game
giygasblues Gnat Attack 1 Loop
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Basic Series
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Easy
giygasblues Any%
giygasblues Any%
Count Gooby Any% Warpless
Spiriax Any% Hard 1P2C
RaikouRider All Games 100%
Big Jon Enemizer
ThatsFairZack Ancient Cave Any%
Hubert0987 104%
Prince_Leaf, Gorlock9000, 40wattrange Any% Easy
Mannix86 Any% (Easy)
ColonelFatso beat the game
ColonelFatso Any%
Thursday, November 22, 2018
GinTatsu2 2 Games 1 Controller
kekumanshoyu Any%
janglestorm Any%
janglestorm Any%
Drumboardist Radar%
d4gr0n Honk%
Aedrana Any% no LSS
Z4T0X Any%
StuntCoyote Any%
DunkelGotik, Yoschimidtsu, echoJjonas Hard
Yoschimidtsu Stage Clear (23 minutes)
Fathlo23 All Stages
thundermustache any%
thundermustache Any%
thundermustache any%
Friday, November 23, 2018
parisianplayer Arcade mode, hardest difficulty, blindfolded
Xyrak, SilverStar6609, scratchdragon, simbu JK2PC3T3S2BF2NE3X2Y2GZ
kekumanshoyu any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
LinkaMeister 101%
LinkaMeister, Hubert Any% Glitched - Spacetime
therpgchick Any%
Tavetendo Any%
Kaons Any%
DoctorSwellman Glitchless
tutelarfiber7 Any%
TheDrifter18 and FCJ2000 Hard Any%
kekumanshoyu, Andy Normal, Co-op
Saturday, November 24, 2018
syuga VS COM (Easy - Super Hard)
GinTatsu2 Any%
shmupforlife SNES / Very Hard
ponk, sloaters27, ShinyZeni Reverse Boss Order
Le Hulk, GinTatsu2 Randomizer
Le Hulk Any%
Le Hulk Any%
Lawso42 100%
Arael Any%
VaeVictus Any%
GrandPOOBear, TwitchMastsa123 Crowd Control
WillardJBradley, Patty Crowd Control
Elminster Any%
Sunday, November 25, 2018
Count Gooby Any% Warpless
Mageius Master Sword and Any%
GinTatsu2 Any%
Le Hulk 2 games 1 controller
FFR Pro 21 Round Clear (Very Hard)
FFR Pro 21 VS COM (Easy - Very Hard)
FFR Pro 21 Goofy
parisianplayer 101% 2x speed
parisianplayer Any% 2x speed
parisianplayer, Acmlm Randomizer 2x speed
x10power Any%
Prince_Leaf Demo Skip Hard Mode
stew_, Dna423 Any% Trilogy
colinbolts, Zheal, Solarcell007 Any% No Verminator Skip
Osse101 NMG Any%
Osse101 Any%

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