Sunday Runday! #46

Hello everybody, welcome to my first Sunday Runday on! I hope you enjoy watching this week's special event as the first Runday of a new era!

For this week's Runday specific incentive, I am going to auction off a run of "Dragonball Z: Budokai - Very Hard". This has been requested for a while now and if you're unfamiliar with the memes behind it, be sure to check here lol

Total: $40.90 / $40

If you wish to donate, please do it through's button, thanks :)
Also reminder that all donations contribute toward February's total donation incentives.
Also, reminder that Valentine's Day next week will feature an Extravaganza event as well!

Sunday Runday #47 Voting

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryFinal Time
120% 02:22:24
Any% 01:10:16
Any% 00:56:11
NG+ All Bosses 00:45:55
UV Max 01:39:38
UV Max 00:53:55
Any% 01:35:40
Any% 01:00:31
Any% NIG 00:58:08
Any% 00:53:37
Any% 00:18:18
Monday, February 06, 2017
All Bosses 00:27:24
NG+ All Levels 01:30:14
Any% 01:58:09

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