Sunday Runday! #53 - 24 Hour Special

Hey y'all. Welcome to Sunday Runday! #53! The 24 Hour Special!!!!!

Today's "Donation Incentive" will be a little bit special. All donations given throughout the day will count into a pool, and who ever has the highest singular amount of donations throughout the day gets to use the total funds to choose any run from google doc correlating to the total amount and I will do that run on Tuesday. If anyone doesn't understand the rules, lemme know ha ha.

Total: $74

Freakglitcha: $30
Strikereternal: $22
514: $12
Electra: $5
Evilish: $5

If you wish to contribute via StreamMe sparkles/stickers instead of donations, please let me know how many you gave and I can do the appropriate calculations (AFAIK 100 sparkles = $0.45) and add it to the total.
If you wish to purchase some Catalyst Mints with my referral link, let me know how much you spent (excluding shipping) and I will add the appropriate amount to the total. Stay energized, y'all!

Any and all contributions of various forms on this day will contribute also the new April Monthly Incentive List!

Starts on

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryFinal Time
Any% 02:20:07
Any% 00:18:14
All Bosses 00:20:01
Any% NIG 00:54:19
Any% 00:50:05
Any% 02:13:42
100% 01:17:28
Any% 01:38:03
UV Max 04:04:16
Any% 00:59:19
Monday, April 03, 2017
Any% 00:24:37
Any% 00:50:56
All Courses 01:03:34
NG+ All Levels 01:28:27
40 Token 00:57:38
120% 2moro

Ends at