2020 Online

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NG+ no QE tarnawina PS3
All Levels pokerfacowaty PC
Inventors Workshop rythin_sr PC
any% no EE glitch kruskader PC
Any% Digital Version Psychotropy, Chottue PC
Championship% Novice franzola PC
All Tracks magentically PC
Any% Mr_Mary, pitpo PS2
100% rajzon_ PC
any% OOB rabbit95 PC
Friday, August 28, 2020
652% jaanuush PC
Saturday, August 29, 2020
GOTB - Ghost of the Babe lenrok PC
any% kruskader GBC
Dead on Arrival Mr_Mary PC
All Bosses - Unrestricted edenissue PS4
All Artifacts rythin_sr PC
BossRush% (Story Bosses) jaanuush PC
Any% Chottue PC
Any% kamil2050, Eddward Mega Drive
Solo kamil2050, Eddward Arcade
Double Bingo jaanuush, rythin_sr PC
Any% (Easy) hoxi PC
any% Plavzo PC
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Beat the game Eddward PC
Any% rythin_sr PC
any% PawlikBartosz, Fex PC
any% no demo PawlikBartosz, Fex PC
Any% Normal chazoshtare PC
Pacifist any% Enchanced Enemy PC
Any% KiloGram PC
+duck% chazoshtare PC
Any% smaczny PC
Classic Very Easy Enemy PC
Classic NG crab_redux PC
Any% jaanuush PS1
Any% (Easy) hoxi PC
Any% (Old Patch) kaadzik PC

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