Copernicon 2019

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Any% Mr. Mary PC
Any% Rabbit PC
All Chapters PokerFacowaty PC
Any% (Old Patch) Kaadzik PC
Any% Lodomir PC
Any% rythin PC
Any% Chazoshtare PC
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Any% hoxi PC
Any% Kaadzik PC
No Major Skips rythin PC
Old Souls Any% KrusKader PC
All Good Endings Fex PC
Any% rythin PC
Any% w/o 5-B Acrith PC
Glitchless Fragus PC
Any% Fex PC
Any% Chazoshtare PC
Any% qvaku PSX
100% pitpo PC
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Ronin Arc hoxi PC
500k w banku PokerFacowaty PC
All Light Levels Acrith PC
Any% 1 Player Kaadzik NES (emu)
Any% Chazoshtare PC
Any% Fex SNES

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