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PokerFacowaty, dexterw
Any% Luigi100 PC
Any% Zipless rythin PC
Arcade franzola23 PC
Any% (OpenXCom) SimpleUnit PC
Any% McCrodi PC
Any% Chenoh PC
Any% SimpleUnit PC
100% Luigi100 PC
Any% (Normal, Zipless) Kaadzik NES
Any% J Olson NES
System Rift Grakiet PC
Desperate Measures - Glitchless Grakiet PC
Kiss Me Gustav 100% nioruu PC
Low% Regular Current Patch Luigi100 PC
NG+ All Levels JACK4L PC
Any% Monsoon rythin PC
NG+ No QE tarna PS3
Main Campaign (SASO, Normal) Kaadzik PC
Friday, August 27, 2021
Any% zibson PC
Pacifist any% Enhanced Enemy PC
Any% hoxi PC
Any% tarna PC
Any% chazoshtare, SzymenL0K0 PC
100% Eddward PC
100% (Dupeless) Psychotropy PC
Any% SimpleUnit PC
Cutscene% TenMicu MS-DOS
Any% No Major Glitches McCrodi PSP
Any%, Random chazoshtare PC
Saturday, August 28, 2021
[A] Ending Normal Olson, jeakerek PC
Any% Warpless 1.8+ Eddward PC
Any% ryobi100 PC
Any% No Wrong Warp turN92 PC
Any% Easy Eddward PC
Any% Normal, 2 Players chazoshtare, malfoythecat PC
100% dexterw PS5
Save The Day andrzej PC
Any% Pusheeneiro PC
Co-op Any% No Controller PokerFacowaty, rythin Genesis
Any% Bez Grubszego Skipa SimpleUnit PC
Any% rythin PC
Any% Pusheeneiro PC
20zł% dupeless pitpo PC
Any% PokerFacowaty PSP
All Flags (No E05) MyKeY PC
Sunday, August 29, 2021
Any% franzola23 PC
Celeste Mode Any% Mr_Mary PC
Randomizer Easy% Eddward Genesis
Any% NMG Relay jaanuush PC
77 Spatulas (1.03+) pitpo Switch
120% Coop (Spyro 1) jaanuush, McCrodi PC
Stage 0+1+2 Guitar Hero% wortex PC
NG+ tarna PS3
Dead on Arrival Mr_Mary PC
Any% (Old Patch) Kaadzik PC
PokerFacowaty, dexterw

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