The Dark Side of the MARS 2.5

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HoraRun + SetupRunner/sJuegoCategoríaPlataformaComentarista/s
Todos Inicio Full Combo PC2 Juntos
Hado Crusader of Centy Any% Genesis Hisukurifu
Hisu, CyberLokii Metal Slug X Coop - Easy (Winkawaks) Arcade TBA
CyberLokii Cuphead Simple - Legacy PC Leoboosted
GhostSenpai Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Any& (No Game Over Abuse) PSTV TBA
mrtorture Mega Man 1-6 Damage Shuffler Showcase NES TBA
buanjautista CrossCode Any& + DLC - NG+ PC TBA
buanjautista Crosscode Level 99+ PC TBA
Hisu, Vardemir, leoboosted, buanjautista, AydenMK8, Izanagifonfabre Arachnia Carrera de relevos - Múltiples categorías PC Vardemir
DrogosKendo Battletoads & Double Dragon Any% Dragon Genesis SoyZekii
aydenmk8, ElNachoLV Multiple Bounce Games N-Gage 3D Any% N-Gage choripanycristi
kalarse Chrono Trigger: Jets of Time Rando Race Flags SNES TBA
Todos A la camita All beds% PS6 owo
Sunday, August 22, 2021
CyberLokii, leonardofunes Snow Bros. All Stages 2 Players Arcade TBA
mrfaq2014 Tetris Effect: Connected Journey Mode (Expert) PS4 Mikami , JoeLink
kalarse Chrono Trigger: Jets of Time (Round 2) Rando Race Flags SNES TBA
leoboosted, izanagifonfabre Pikuniku Any% No Major Skip Glitchless PC Vardemir
Leoboosted Touhou Luna Nights Dunk% PC StrongFoxie13
EmilioLoco28 Call of Duty: World at War Zombies (Custom Map) - EE Speedrun (Clinic of Evil - 1P) PC TBA
leoboosted Blasphemous All Bosses (Glitchless) PC izanagifonfabre
vardemir Quake II Glitchless% Controller - Easy PS1 Leoboosted
Nickwls Resident Evil 2: Remake New Game+ PC TBA
izanagifonfabre Corpse Party -Rebuilt- A Rank Ending PC LeoBoosted
aydenmk8 Superliminal Glitchless PC TBA
nachoautista Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land 100% GBA TBA
nachoautista Celeste True Ending PC Revolucion
nachoautista Sonic Adventure DX Sonic's Story PC TBA
Todos Vamos A la camita% Xbox720 uwu

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