MARS 3-14

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All dates and times are given in America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

MARS π Hardcore% TV uwu
Cuphead All S+P Grades PC Alex92tcordobes
Resident Evil 1 Jill Any% NMG PC marcoscrot
Resident Evil 3 Remake Any% NG+ Full Game Assisted PC Hisu
Pikuniku Any% NMSG Glitchless PC LeoBoosted
Flower Any% PS3 Woices
I-Ninja NG+ All Levels PC Delk
Streets of Rage 1 Axel Normal No% Genesis TBA
Metal Slug 1 WinKawaks% Medium PC Kendo
Metal Slug X Co-op Easy PC LeoBoosted, Vardemir
TMNT IV: Turtles in Time Co-op No WW - Easy SNES Hisu, Vardemir
Juego X All Secrets% MegaPlay RunnerSecreto
Home Alone Any% Race NES GhostSenpai, Hisu
Quake II Any% Controller - Easy PS1 Vardemir
Webbed 100% (All Stickers) PC OnlyFlan
Dormision Camita% Xbox720 -w-
Monday, June 20, 2022
Despertasion Day2% PS0 owo
Touhou Luna Nights Any% NMS - Ex% - Dunk% PC StrongFoxie13
Steven Universe: Unleash the Light Any% PC CyberLokii
Snow Brothers All Stages 1 Player NES GhostSenpai
TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight Any% PC BuanJautista
Cat Quest II Any% - 1.5+ PC CyberLokii
Golden Axe II 2Play - MOG - Normal Genesis Vardemir, Enri
Deltarune All Chapters - Snowgrave Glitchless PC Hado
Pocahontas Any% Genesis Hisu
Nine Sols Any% Demo PC BuanJautista
Celeste All Chapters PC OnlyFlan
MARS π Despedida% TVHD TwT

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