SpeedDocsAThon 2020

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jeremythompson 100 Egg quo FC
SableDragonRook Dragons/Orbs/Eggs Incentive: Any% Exhibition quo FC
Tasselfoot Any% quo FC
Ventifer Beat World 2 Bid War: Language of Voice Actor AlphaDeltaMike FC
Boden Warpless Incentive: Do the Additional Level AlphaDeltaMike JustMeEmilyP
redrumsox Beat World Cup Bid War: Choose the Country AlphaDeltaMike JustMeEmilyP
Silo_Simon Mini-Game Coaster - Normal Bid War: Choose Character AlphaDeltaMike JustMeEmilyP
Skurry All Secret Seashells Incentive: Play in Hero Mode Kito urpenguin
quo Any% Bid War: Filename (6 Characters) Kito urpenguin
jimbo_moses Master Sword Restricted Incentive: Boss Rush scatter Dale
Lake_oot MST Bid War: Filename (8 Characters) scatter Dale
Saturday, September 05, 2020
SilentHero HD Any% Incentive: Watch 1000 words cutscene scatter + Etem CCNeverender
DaleDukk, AnimatedElf TBD $1 Song Requests Etem Dale
Diamentos Any% - Luigi Incentive: Showcase DN2 Skip Etem FC
frozenflygone Any% Punkness FC
frozenflygone Any% No Minigame Skips Punkness FC
Firesplitter All Tours Bid War: Character Selection Punkness FC
Silo_Simon Any% Incentive: All Speedway Races Punkness frozenflygone
Asuka424 Any% (Rookie) Incentive: Upgrade Difficulty to Experienced Punkness frozenflygone
SuperViperT302 Any% Punkness frozenflygone
ThePackle Any% Bid War: Choose Skater Name AnimatedElf Biglaw
StarrlightSims Any% AnimatedElf Biglaw
Silo_Simon No Levels Early AnimatedElf Biglaw
Pearstrike, 1davidj All Tracks No Duplicate Rides Bid War: Kirby Color (2 Kirby) AnimatedElf Asuka424
Pearstrike All Sports AnimatedElf Asuka424
Pearstrike All Courses (GC) Incentive: Frog to Use AnimatedElf Asuka424
Tasselfoot 100% Incentive: Glitch Exhibition Kito CJitsallGewd
eddaket Any% Bidwar: Pick Pickachu or Eevee. Bidwar: Name Starter. Bidwar: Name Starmie. Kito CJitsallGewd
squidbird Magikarp% Kito CJitsallGewd
TiKevin83 Glitchless TAS Dale CCNeverender
Sunday, September 06, 2020
The8bitbeast Exhibition Dale CCNeverender
The8bitbeast Playaround/Exhibition Dale CCNeverender
teddyras Any% Incentive: Character Selection Dale CCNeverender
Amei, BlueMetal, Aloyark [A] Dale FC
StarrlightSims Any% Etem FC
Riekelt All Monkeys Incentive: Play the Dancing Mini-Game Etem FC
MASH Any% Etem FC
Stevetvonline Any% Etem FC
CleanSera 100% Incentive: Glitch Exhibition Etem + Punkness CJitsallGewd
stuser, ThermalSquare Any% Race Punkness Asuka424
frozenflygone Any% Punkness Asuka424
Azmi Any% Punkness Asuka424
Yoda_Cage All Normal Levels NG+ AnimatedElf JustMeEmilyP
Boden Any% AnimatedElf JustMeEmilyP
lumardy Any% Incentive: Glitch Showcase AnimatedElf JustMeEmilyP
SuperViperT302 70 Star scatter CJitsallGewd
touchan Glitchless scatter CJitsallGewd
OutrageousJosh Any% (PC) Bid War: Language Option scatter CJitsallGewd
RaikouRider V11 Normal Logic Bid War: Kill / Save the Animals quo CJitsallGewd
Monday, September 07, 2020
tsugoiichan,Littz,AnimatedElf, vs. RodG, hitoccchi, DaleDukk, vs Amei, Aloyark, Devin Fishing% 3v3v3 Race Incentive: Everybody gets a Mackerel quo FC
CCNeverender USA Campaign quo + FC CJitsallGewd
KonceptioN2 All Episodes FC CCNeverender
ShiningFace Any% Bid War: Player Skin Choices FC CCNeverender
Riekelt Funky Mode MASH FC
Gambit017, microKorgs v4.1, Complete 3 of 4 Objectives Race Bid War: Twinharp Song - Mario Bros Series vs Donkey Kong Series. Bid War: Zeromus Sprite - A Final Boss vs A Super Boss MASH FC
1davidj All Tracks (Snaking) MASH JustMeEmilyP
Treya Full Game MASH JustMeEmilyP
HowToCowsepJr NG+ MASH JustMeEmilyP
gunlap Any% MASH AnimatedElf
gunlap Any% Incentive: Jynx% Race with CJitsallGewd scatter AnimatedElf
Biglaw Beginner Any% Incentive: Blimp Mission. Bid War: Skater Name scatter AnimatedElf
KonceptioN2 Any% Incentive: Harry Potter Cosplay Kito AnimatedElf
DaymanAAA Any% Standard Ship No Upgrade Bonus Missions (4 Levels) Kito Biglaw
DaymanAAA Any% Incentive: Run it Back! Kito Biglaw
Funyuns NG+ Blindfolded Bad Ending Kito Biglaw
Zela Master Bid War: Choose the Monkey Kito CCNeverender
V0oid Any% Kito CCNeverender
Xem92 All Titanium Bolts Dale CCNeverender
jakefsomenumbers Any% Dale CCNeverender & CJitsallGewd
Tuesday, September 08, 2020
quo Octo Expansion - Any% Dale CCNeverender & CJitsallGewd

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