SDAT 2023 Weekend Two

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The Pathless All Bosses Reward: $5 Pet the Bird PS5 KitsuneofDreams CCNeverender
Ben 10: Power Trip All Bosses PC KitsuneofDreams
Castlevania Legends Any% Standard Mode Incentive: Dramatic Dialogue Reading GB JustMeEmilyP AgentWyvern,lozcardsfan23
Resident Evil 3 Any% Reward: $10 Eat Hot Jelly Beans PS JustMeEmilyP Ladyashford
Resident Evil 6 NG Ada Incentive: Upgrade to NG+ PC JustMeEmilyP Riekelt,CCNeverender
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Victory Road Bid War: Name Flamigo Switch AgedWhale CCNeverender
Pokemon Ruby Any% Bid War: Name Pokemon GBI CJitsallGewd CCNeverender
Saturday, September 02, 2023
Super Smash Bros. 64 Unlock All Characters Incentive: All Bonus Stages CCNeverender CCNeverender SugarBair
Yoshi's Wooly World Any% (Classic, Normal, 2 Controllers) Bid War: Choose Yoshi Color | Incentive: CJ Keeps It PG WiiU CJitsallGewd innerpunkness KitsuneofDreams
Smushi Come Home Any% PC JustMeEmilyP CCNeverender abra238
Spelunky All Journal Entries Co-Op Bid War: Damsel Selection PC JustMeEmilyP CCNeverender elad,tictacfoe
Mort the Chicken Any% Incentive: Watch the Cutscenes Switch stump DaleDukk
Game & Wario Any% WiiU stump DaleDukk Zennan
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 48 Tracks Bonus Run: Wave 1+2 DLC Tracks | Bid War: Yoshi Color Switch CrunchyBrown CCNeverender
Spyro: Year of the Dragon 117% OG vs Remake Race Incentive: CJ Plays Only Up | Make Only Up Bigger CJ + CC CCNeverender Dereklander,icantsurf
Sunday, September 03, 2023
Tony Hawk's Project 8 Rank 1 Bid War: Skater Name Xbox360 CJitsallGewd innerpunkness Heki,Rocker21, finness
Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy 8-Snake Incentive: Chimney & Furniture Skip PC CJitsallGewd innerpunkness lightsparkmusic, rhetor1k
Fallout: New Vegas Glitchless All DLCs Bid War: Kill or Save Ed-e | Incentive: Destroy Think Tank PC DaymanAAA Riekelt
Metroid: Scrolls 6 100% DaymanAAA Riekelt
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Any% PC CrunchyBrown AnimatedElf
Metroid Dread Any% No Major Glitches Switch CrunchyBrown AnimatedElf raine_bt
Game Show Battleship Incentive: Bonus Round PC CrunchyBrown AnimatedElf
Banjo-Kazooie 100% FFM Race Incentive: Door of Grunty Skip N64 CJitsallGewd CC Azmi
Monday, September 04, 2023
Levelhead User Level Showcase XboxSeriesX qwillinallthefish AnimatedElf
N64 Fighting Game-A-Palooza Fighting Stuff Incentive: Bunny Suit Despair | Bid War: Choose Your PPG N64 qwillinallthefish AnimatedElf rexmexshreddedcheese
Diddy Kong Racing All Trophy Races N64 qwillinallthefish AnimatedElf
Wave Race 64 Championship Normal Incentive: Wario Cosplay Switch qwillinallthefish AnimatedElf
Super Mario RPG Randomizer Easy Mode SNES CJitsallGewd DaleDukk
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Defeat Ganon Incentive: Lobster CC Defeats Ganon Wii KitsuneofDreams DaleDukk CJitsallGewd
Grand Poo World 2 Any% Good Ending SNES KitsuneofDreams CCNeverender rh4kor
Jake's Secret Game The Secret Category Bidwar: Option A or B Secrets CC, CJ + Clocky CC DemonSmallZ, Clockdistrict
Tuesday, September 05, 2023

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