SDAT 2023 Weekend One

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The Last Guardian Any% Reward: $5 Pet Trico PS5 JustMeEmilyP Grace, CC
Paper Mario Randomizer Randomizer (4 Chapters) N64 leaveittolexie Grace, CC Jcog,Icebound777
Mario Party Minigame Island Any% Incentive: Upgrade to 100% | Bid War: Choose Character N64 qwillinallthefish Grace, CC
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! All Cup Tour Bid War: Character Selection GCN qwillinallthefish CCNeverender DaymanAAA
Hollow Knight True Ending NMG Bid War: Save or Kill Myla | Incentive: Pale Court Boss Showcase PC CJitsallGewd CCNeverender RhinoFeeder,SlowItDown
Super Mario 64 70 Star Incentive: Visit Yoshi N64 AgedWhale Clockdistrict Itsbeeve
Super Mario Sunshine Any% Incentive: Upgrade to Hawaiian Shirt Mario | Bonus Shines Incentive Wii Iceage Clockdistrict CJitsallGewd
Saturday, August 26, 2023
Shadow of the Colossus (2018) Any% Normal Reward: $5 Pet the Horse PS5 JustMeEmilyP innerpunkness
Sonic Classic Trilogy Boss Rush Shuffler Bid War: Boss Count Shuffler JustMeEmilyP innerpunkness / Grace Mindez
Sonic Adventure Knuckles Story Incentive: Lost World Skipless KitsuneofDreams AnimatedElf WitherMin
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Any% Standard KitsuneofDreams AnimatedElf
Untitled Goose Game 100% PC KitsuneofDreams AnimatedElf
Chameleon Twist 100% US Race Bid War: Chameleon Color N64 Kefka14 DaymanAAA Amahumahaba
Super Sami Roll Any% (Sami) PC Kefka14 DaymanAAA
Chameleon Twist 2 Any% Race Bid War: Chameleon Color N64 Kefka14 CCNeverender qwillinallthefish
Bugsnax All Bosses (Base Game) Incentive: Bonus DLC Boss Fight | Bid War: Journalist Color PS5 CJitsallGewd CCNeverender
Jak 3 All Missions Bid War: Big Head Mode vs Small Head Mode PS2 CJitsallGewd Clockdistrict
Sunday, August 27, 2023
Pokemon Snap 100% Race Incentive: Upgrade to Hundo Wundo N64 leaveittolexie innerpunkness CJitsallGewd
SUPERHOT Any% PC leaveittolexie innerpunkness clayboy0432
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Any% Incentive: No Fire Breath GBA leaveittolexie innerpunkness
Crash Bandicoot: NST Crash 2 - Any% Reward: $5 Pet Shinji PC leaveittolexie AnimatedElf
Pikmin 2 Pay Off Debt GCN Kefka14 AnimatedElf Sbudiver
Pikmin 3 Deluxe All Fruits Incentive: Make the End Slightly Harder Switch Kefka14 AgedWhale CurtisDN_
BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets 100% NMG Bid War: Boy or Girl SNES DaymanAAA AgedWhale
Mario Party Superstars All Boards - Easy Reward: $5 Impressions Switch AnimatedElf CCNeverender KitsuneofDreams
Super Monkey Ball Gaiden GCN CJitsallGewd CCNeverender
Monday, August 28, 2023

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