Bem vindos a primeira maratona de speedruns de jogos com temática Anime da Speedruns Brasil! O evento vai ocorrer de 4 à 6 de Outubro, no canal da comunidade!

[EN] Welcome to Speedruns Brasil's first Anime games speedrunning marathon! The event will occur from October 4th till October 6th in the community channel. Commentary will be in portuguese.

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All dates and times are given in America/Sao_Paulo timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

New Game Plus darksoda PC
Babel Pairs (1p2c) GFM PC
Any% BetoKos Nintendo 64
Any% desuroth, thugkj PS1
Saturday, October 05, 2019
To Be Continued @everyone Cama
Oni% RevHavoc PC
Easy: 5 Rounds DunkelGotik PC
Any% DunkelGotik PC
Any% Normal HksNappa PC
New Game any% KiwamiZX Nintendo Switch
Any% Gunvolt KiwamiZX Nintendo Switch
Disgaea 2 DHD Clear0 Axel Ending Akutarex PC
Any% Akutarex PSP
Any% Smosism Game Boy Advance
Story Mode (Easy) Vini_hitsu PS1
Any% Hades ChuvaKO, darksoda, DarthSanic PC
V-Hard Yoschimidtsu Nintendo 64
Normal AVIB catcatcatcatnip PC
Any% HksNappa PC
Any% Glitchless Randomizer Furlim, problemstrol, leandrom90, evolutespirit Game Boy
Sunday, October 06, 2019
See you, Space Cowboy @everyone Cama
Story Mode* MrSancini PS4
Sidewinder + Project D darksoda Arcade
Any% LinksJam GBA
Any% leandrom90 Mega Drive
Kamoshida (Hard) Romulo PS4
2 players Normal% darksoda, KiwamiZX SNES
Story Smosism PC
Any% No Major Skips HksNappa PC
Any% (15-card Drop Mod) Spec PS1
srbGG Todo mundo Boa noite

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