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Furlim Any% (no PW) N64
KiwamiZX Any% NES
KiwamiZX Any% NES
Thugkjj Any% SNES Mudar para Capeless
Narti1800_ e BeaRType Co-op SNES
LunaValkyr e KiwamiZX Easy Co-Op SNES
Doumeis vs VaeVictus vs Thugkjj Normal SNES
mth_sayre Any% Glitchless GB
Lucluc16 Glitchless GB
KiwamiZX Solo - El SNES
BeaRType Solo - Any% SNES
BeaRType Any% - Lee Brothers SNES
Wallyzorde Kamaitachi Normal SNES
Innarik Master Tower II Any % SNES
LunaValkyr Any% Co-Op Hard SNES
Bandaia Easy SNES
Milanii 11 Exit (One Handed) SNES
rotciv__ Any% SNES
Firewaster 150cc All Cups 2p SNES
Tso15 Any% NMG SNES Mudar para 100%
Saturday, December 05, 2020
LunaValkyr Any% GBA
Mario Luigi Peach and Toad Just a Dream NES
Icenine Hard SNES
Natan_Anile Any% Easy SNES
Pytlovan Any% SNES
Fisel12 Any% SNES
Thugkjj Any% 1P SNES
Meleka_ Any% 2P SNES
KiwamiZX Any% Good Ending SNES
Reg_Ran Story Beginner Special Switch
BetoKos Any% N64
Doumeis vs Kanitz vs Shimegabriel vs Thugkjj Any% Easy - Cormano/Bob SNES
Glauciosouza vs NatanAnile 100% SNES Kill or Save the Animals
KiwamiZX Any% - Ray, Normal Switch
Akutarex3 Any% SNES
KiwamiZX Any% - Gunvolt Switch Boss Secreto Shovel Knight
tHiAgOcH Any% NES
VaeVictusBR 100% SNES Derrotar o Dark Demon
Sunday, December 06, 2020
BetoKos Chapters N64
Blueimp78 vs Doumeis Any% GBA
DanielSolador Marriage SNES Escolher a Noiva
LD Speedruns Any% - Normal SNES
LD Speedruns Unlock All Characters (Japanese N64) N64
DarthSanic Any% Switch
DarthSanic Any% Glitchless GB
VouDarVirote Trade Alt Main Switch
BeaRType Any% SNES
Faeddin 16 Star N64
CesarMartins12 e Icenine Randomizer Co-Op N64
YuriSalgadin Any% SNES
DunkelGotik Normal Mode GB
ocameloamarelo Any% Switch
Aruide NoWW/NoSRM N64
Thugkjj 96 exit SNES
Matheus2653, Kalarse e Pytlovan vs Narti1800_, BlueImp78 e Betokos vs Thugkjj, Nayume e Doumeis Relay SNES

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