Maratona Indie 2018

Maratona Indie 2018 Bem vindos a primeira maratona de speedruns de jogos indies da Speedruns Brasil! O evento vai ocorrer de 1 à 3 de Junho, no canal da comunidade!

[EN] Welcome to Speedruns Brasil's first indie games speedrunning marathon! The event will occur from June 1st till June 3rd in the community channel. Commentary will be in portuguese.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/Sao_Paulo timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

faeddin Any% PC
Smosism Any% PC
HksNappa Any% PC
BluSlider All Stages Xbox One
Hirow_ Any% PC
Milanii Any% PC
MexicanoPB Quest - 8 Stages PC
Smosism Beat All Campaings PC
Fulgore01 Arcade Casual PC
NykolasN Recruit Rank (All Missions/Bolt45 only) PC
Vaevictusbr Any% Version 2 PC
EaBTasRaiul x Madu1311 Pamela x Freudia race PC
Hugo4fun Beat the Game Arcade
NykolasN Any% (Master Save) PC
Saturday, June 02, 2018
Até amanha! Boa noite Durma bem!
SpeedyBarones True Pacifist Ending Glitchless PC
DarthSanic WE5T 0NE PC
Problemstrol Any% PC
GrandeMOficial All Bosses PC
Nathacsa Spark's Story PC
L_Mirannda 100% PC
GrandeMOficial All Bosses (Solo - Regular - Legacy) PC
Smosism NG All Story Levels PC
Fladervy Plague Knight - Any% PC
Onizudo Any% PC
Alowne_ Any% PC
Sunday, June 03, 2018
Até amanha! Boa noite Durma bem!
HksNappa Hard 100% PC
HksNappa Any% Normal PC
Hirow_ Beat the Game PC
L_Mirannda Any% Normal PC
cdv_will Any% PC
BrunoBRS Glitchless Any% PC
Problemstrol Any% PC
Smosism Any% Medium PC
Wallyzorde Beat the Game PSP
Holy Gal, Normal, Turbo, Ending E PC
Akutarex 7 Exit, Bad Ending SNES (Emu)
Fulgore01 Any% PC
faeddin Friend% PC
Leandrom90 Hard PC
Smosism Story PC
Kehanort Any% PC
GodotDC Nightmare/Veteran any% no-oob PC

Ends at