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Any% davijak02 PC
All A's JairGamer40 Mega Drive
Any% hugo4fun PlayStation 4
To the Show Rudjohns Mega Drive
Any% Easy (Monica MOD) CesarMartins12 PC
Any% shimegabriel Mega Drive
All Day Stages xrrstyle Xbox 360
Any% LunaValkyr PC
Sonic's Story ALunyintheDark PC
Rock n' Roll Nino Megadriver SEGA
Any% HaBeeBs_ Mega Drive
Arcade Mode (Tyris Flare) shimegabriel Mega Drive
Normal Mode - Normal (Tyris) HaBeeBs_ Mega Drive
Any% thugkjj Mega Drive
Saturday, September 05, 2020
Babel's Pairs (1p2c) SirGFM Nintendo Switch
SEGASono A mimir Caminha
Watch Out! You're gonna crash! Aaaah!
Arcade - Mania, Floyd Urso20 PC
Easy shimegabriel Mega Drive
Easy shimegabriel Mega Drive
Any% Sanic Mega Drive
Any% Difficult eighttt Mega Drive
Donald L.D Mega Drive
Tails - Beat the Game ArcaniaCQ PC
Any% No OoB LunaValkyr Nintendo GameCube
Episode Shadow MrSancini PlayStation 4
Any% Race KiwamiZX x Doumeis SEGA Saturn
Crazy Box afaelr Dreamcast
Any% Co-op Felipe83 e RitaH SEGA Master System
Co-op Felipe83 e RitaH Arcade
Career Mode shimegabriel Mega Drive
Any% Urso20 Mega Drive
Any% ZeusB SEGA Master System
Any% Easy KiwamiZX Mega Drive
All Stages KiwamiZX SEGA Saturn
Ultimate Tournament - Fase Inicial SpeedTretas Mega Drive
Any% Innarik Mega Drive
Mega Drive Cypherin Mega Drive
Sunday, September 06, 2020
Any% Shu Level 1 - Easy Cypherin Mega Drive
Beliche Geral AGES
Follow me, set me free! Trust me and we will Escape from the City!
100% DarthSanic SEGA Master System
All Cups Glitchless Caku_ Xbox One
Beat the Game leandrom90 Mega Drive
Any% Normal leandrom90 Mega Drive
All Modes KiwamiZX PC
Scenario Mode - Normal Yoschimidtsu Mega Drive
Puyo Tournament Tetreiros PC
Any% marcotla_ Mega Drive
Any% shimegabriel Mega Drive
Easy% Felipe83 SEGA Master System
Any% Easy shimegabriel Mega Drive
Sonic Bad Ending Race LunaValkyr x KiwamiZX PC/Switch
Beat the Game - Glitchless leandrom90 Mega Drive
Tails - Beat the Game (Race) ArcaniaCQ x KiwamiZX PC
Sonic: Beat the Game leandrom90 Mega Drive
Any% Eric Normal VaeVictusBR Mega Drive
Ultimate Tournament - Fase Final SpeedTretas Mega Drive
Puyo Tournament (Finais) Tetreiros PC
Monday, September 07, 2020
Shiva (SOR3) - Normal shimegabriel Mega Drive
Dormir% & Knuckles Todo mundo & Knuckles Colchão & Knuckles

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