Heroes Journey RPG Marathon

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Saturday, June 11, 2022
CapitanBublo, Danrubi93 Critical Any% PS4 CapitanBublo, Danrubi93
Astrofelipe Tressa Single Story PC Astrofelipe
Ultima Any% PC WrightOne
Princepollos Providence% SNES Diegoarmando1879
Diegoarmando1879 Full Item Random GBC Asazas
Johnrossums any% SNES Johnrossums
StephiSR [A]ny% Easy PC Raicer
Danisangb All Bosses Glitchless PC Danisangb
Rojoin Ventus Any% Beginner PC Ultima, Lerowol
Xalding NG+ Any% PC Xalding
NyanCato Glitchless GBA NyanCato
Sunday, June 12, 2022
Johnrossums No Major Skips PSX Johnrossums
Chemigoku2 Random Proud Mode PC Chemigoku2
Paltha Any% PC Davehunter
Lerowol Any% Side B PSX Ultima
Leoboosted All Chapters - Snowgrave Glitchless PC Hado
Todos Mimir PC Todos

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