Mario vs Sonic - Maratón SRE

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11 Exit vs NMG 11 exit no cape SNES lessnesslynx, ikeru_4 Niakky, Rhino
All Perfects (Max Speed) Genesis oldclov Oldclov, Anakina
All Cups 1P SNES Niakky, ikeru_4 Niakky, Ikeru
5 Star (TAS) N64 ProdigySpeedruns Olalla
Amy, All Emeralds, Glitchless PC nachoautista NachoAutista, Anakina
any% PC davehunter, olallaz2 Davehunter, Olalla
Darker Side Switch johnrossums JohnRossums, Helienne, Olalla
Saturday, February 27, 2021
Yipee! Camita% Todos Todos
Knuckles &Knuckles - All Emeralds (Plus) PC oldclov Oldclov, NachoAutista
70 Stars N64 seceon_ Seceon_, Helienne, Olalla
Dark Story NG+ PC maraboto95 Maraboto95, Ova
Last Story NG+ PC maraboto95 Maraboto95, Ova
Metal Sonic, Beat the game PC nachoautista NachoAutista, TBD
any% SNES johnrossums JohnRossums, Paltha
Sunday, February 28, 2021
You're too slow! Camita% Todos Todos
any% glitchless GB Helienne Helienne, Grymloq
70 stars (no BS) PC davehunter Davehunter, Niakky
Beat the game Genesis Paltha Paltha, NachoAutista
Team Sonic vs Team Chaotix PC nachoautista NachoAutista, TBD
beat the game SNES Paltha Paltha, TBD
30 Stars N64 Niakky Niakky
Monday, March 01, 2021
Any% NES Ikeru Ikeru, TBA
Any% Genesis Oldclov Oldclov, Niakky
Adiooooooos Camita% Equipo SRE Todos

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