Juegos Horribles Hechos Deprisa 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Triguii Any% PC Triguii
rozukk Any% PC rozukk
CapitanBublo, chemigoku2, Hypodeck 99 cocos% PC CapitanBublo, chemigoku2, Hypodeck
Daiset All Pups PC Daiset, , Weylok
StephiSR, Daiset 10 Pups PC StephiSR, Daiset
Weylok All Cutscenes PSX Weylok
davehunter Any% PC Davehunter, StephiSR
davehunter Training ALL Events win PC Davehunter, zlash
el_salero 10 Stages NES el_salero
chemigoku2 All Discs(Emulator) PlayStation chemigoku2, Paltha, Raicer
davehunter Any% PC Davehunter, paltha, helienne
zlash Any% Genesis zlash, paltha
Ivanovik Any% PC Ivanovik, VichinoDDA
Saturday, August 28, 2021
Paltha NoSecondChances% 3DO Paltha, Chemigoku
el_salero Duck Mode PC el_salero
zlash Any% NES zlash, paltha
zlash Any% NES zlash, AZ-Darche
el_salero Any% Web el_salero
Weylok Any% NES Weylok
Weylok Any% PC Weylok, Davehunter
Paltha AllCutscenes% PC Paltha, Helienne
Todos Dormir% Camita Todos
davehunter Any% Glitchless PC Davehunter, Weylok, Stephi, Helienne
Lerowol Any% PC Lerowol, Weylok
Ivanovik Any% Android Ivanovik, Davehunter
izanagifonfabre Any% GCN izanagifonfabre
StephiSR Any% Glitchless PC StephiSR, Helienne
Ivanovik Tournament Mode (DS) DS Ivanovik
Sunday, August 29, 2021
Paltha All cups PC Paltha, Rimuspp
Paltha Any% SMS Paltha, Anisho, Anakina
Paltha Alfbook% SMS Paltha, Anisho, Anakina
izanagifonfabre All Cups PC PC izanagifonfabre
infrawors Any% NES infrawors, xxRedxanxx
el_salero Any% Arcade el_salero
Paltha, AZ-Darche Game VS IRL Genesis Paltha, AZ-Darche
Todos Dormir% Camita Todos

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