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1P Grand Prix Hard any ARMS Maraboto95
Any% Salero_Eon
All Medals Maraboto95
Any% No0HP No Debug Arixdan
100% JimSR_
Aqua Critical Any% danrubi93 Sibrel
Normal Any% Ch0cman Luijaro
Game Glitch Ending Beld_X Julian
Any% Hard Datazumi - benjas4
Any% GutsDKC Zhank, Jefestrefe
Friday, April 20, 2018
Any% Alnak
Any% vlackSR
Easy TerraCHL Younas
Subspace Emissary - Any%, Easy, Solo DiegolazoR4 MarisaKurisu
Any% berlindude1
Any% berlindude1
Any% berlindude1
Don J% berlindude1
Any% ViruseReturns
Any% Warps Lessnessv Niakky
Any% Play Station Maniatikiller
New Game +, Professional Spartanfinix117
Beat The Game Snes Maniatikiller
Maximum Casualties LegnaX
Crime Spree: 0 to 100 Co-op- 2-Player davidwiki - CapitanBublo
100% NeisRosver
Richter Mode vlackSR
Tails' Story Gamer2311 - JPain623
Any% Baddap1 JimSR
any% Kinglolsalchi
Any % (Glitchless) ultimatedragon111
Any % Pirate mode (No OoB) Goofi - TerraCHL
Story Beginne benjas4 Pedrogas
Any% delcaMX - fslynx
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Any% DiegolazoR4 Younas
Jesus and the Temple Kinglolsalchi
NMS ultimatedragon111
Any% No Majors Skip vlackSR
Trascendence No Floor Skips 60FPS hernanjnx MarisaKurisu
Any% Beginner CapitanBublo
All sports prakxoelpatatita Niakky
Leon A Normal Any% danrubi93 - Spartanfinix117
All Stages Maraboto95 - delcaMX
Any% WhitePaaws Bermejiyo
Any% JulianRX
Pika Cup R1 kalarse Pedrogas
Any% vlackSR - EngiRTA
Knuckles (Patched) Oldclov
Any% Zhank_ GutsDKC
Any% vlackSR
Specter Knight Zhank_ GutsDKC
Any% delcaMX - Tchy - berlindude1 - Ch0cman Niakky
All Bosses AlexxaScaly - Tronco Andrea - Necromancia88
Easy Any% Bakuman84 MissParanoid
Beat The Game Maniatikiller - Crisdoile
Any% S_Berris
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Legendario Pedrogas
Any% delcaMX
Normal Red/Blue vlackSR
Normal - New Game DiegolazoR4 RottenMind
Any % davidwiki CapitanBublo
All Missions Tchy - Mayazumi Niakky
Any% ViruseReturns
Nitro Tracks kalarse Niakky
Shortest Path EngiRTA
Any% SNES delcaMX
Any% Lagpu1 MarisaKurisu
Any% elsiz Younas
Any% berlindude1 - Salero_Eon
any% PC Marmotato
Any% Marmotato
NMG Rogel84
Best Ending vlackSR - AlexxaScaly Hunteriwi
Any% Revolucoin Silithur
Any% JRTA NeisRosver
Any% vlackSR - NachoYacopu - JimSR_ - EngiRTA
Any% yuriy3_3
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