Odyssée du jeu video 2022

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Présentation Bonjour% Other Micro {"setup":"0h00m00s"}
Flywrench Any% (Normal Mode) Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Shadow Dancer Any% NoSEB Single run Megadrive {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Paris Marseille Racing Any% Race PlayStation {"setup":"0h20m00s"}
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% Bug Limit Single run Switch {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Mario Bros. Warpless Single run NES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Apprentissage Initiation Other TOUT {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dying Light Any% Co-op Coop run PC {"setup":"0h20m00s"}
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure Any% Goku Single run GBA {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Pokémon Red Any% Glitchless (No IT) (Course) Race GBC {"setup":"0h20m00s"}
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Warpless D-4 Single run FDS {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Mario Bros. Any% Race NES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
C'est la nouit Other {"setup":"0h00m00s"}
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Chocobo GP Story (Normal, Master) Race Switch {"setup":"0h20m00s"}
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nitro tracks, 200cc Single run Switch {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Quake Easy run Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Castlevania : Harmony of Dissonance Juste no OOB Single run GBA {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Electronic Super Joy Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Neon Space 2 Any% Guitar Hero Controller Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Coop Blaze & Cherry Coop run Switch {"setup":"0h20m00s"}

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