STA au Stunfest 2021

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All levels Sushi Run solo PC
Any% Evandaar Run solo PC
Any% MiP Run solo PC
Any% Azama Run solo PlayStation 5
Any % NTX-Sturm Run solo SMD
Specter of Tourment Any% ExploudYourEar Run solo PC
Any% Biiwix Run solo PC
any% glitchless Disduck_ Run solo PlayStation 4
Any% Vandalnabilo Run solo PC
TOTD (March 2021) Rasta Run solo PC
Pacifist Any% 7eraser7 Run solo MS-DOS
coop All Main Courses Xano et Evandaar Run Coop PC
Defeat Ganon Yanis VS yoshizor Course Wii
Any% Amiral Run solo N64
Saturday, May 29, 2021
Spyro 1 Any% NBS Asukero Run solo PC
All Bosses (Glitched) Rocher Run solo PC
Story Easy Spl1t Run solo NGC
Normal jarm0u Run solo SNES
Any% Yuma Run solo PC
Any% Glitchless Coop Superplayer02 et Psyko117 Course coop SMD
Any% xercess_ Run solo Switch
Fresh File (1.7.1) Evian Run solo PC
Any¨% xercess_ Run solo Switch
Any% Hawkrex Run solo GameBoy
Any% Strackel Run solo Switch
Any% Inbounds Xano Run solo PC
All Skills (No OOB/TA) Dedew VS RinSR Course PC
Boss Rush Ramo720 Run solo PC

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