Sunday Runday! #42

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Hello everybody, this week I'd like to auction off a run of Mega Man X6 Unarmored X All Stages on Xtreme difficulty. I have never tried this before, and it'd probably be moderately epic. This will happen tomorrow afternoon, before any other planned streaming activities. :)

Total: $25 / $25

Sunday Runday #43 Voting!

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryFinal Time
120% 02:29:09
Any% 01:58:16
All Stages 00:48:10
All Stages 00:45:14
UV Max 00:56:46
Any% 00:41:52
40 Token 00:56:13
Any% NIG 00:57:06
Any% 00:49:31
Any% 00:23:35
Any% 00:18:30
The Muppet Christmas Carol 100% 00:58:41
Any% DNF
Monday, December 26, 2016

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