Sunday Runday! #34 - Double Runday Halloween Spooktacular!

Don't want me to sleep? For every $15 I will do a Monpoly run cutting into the scheduled break to limit or completely destroy my sleep time! Estimate is 1 hour per game. Will roll over extra games (if that happens) to sometime on tuesday. :)

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryFinal Time
Any% 03:34:16
Any% Hard Mode 00:59:06
Any% 01:12:16
Any% 01:46:25
Any% 00:39:28
UV Speed 00:44:33
Nightmare! 01:23:23
UV Max 04:25:27
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Any% 01:57:32
Any% 00:19:35
All Bosses 00:21:21
NG+ All Levels 02:15:19
Any% DNF
Any% This
No Merchant Was
Any% A
Leon's Campaign Bad
Any% Idea

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