Sunday Runday! #01

This is the first of hopefully many editions of my new weekly semi-marathon series. The goal is to play a mix of games I've been running during the week, with some other games I don't play often since I now have an excuse to play them.

I'm hoping to get my sub-1 in Crash 3 here, but that probably won't happen considering I suck really hard at the game. Spongebob is just a quick n' dirty run, you know how it is. Then we have Dig Dug and Pac-Man. I'll probably tryhard Dig Dug for a PB, but I don't really care about Pac-Man much, though I'll probably PB anyway because mine stinks. I want to PB in Halo 3, too, but I haven't played in over a week so who knows. I did kinda practice some stuff since then, but nothing particularly good. Hope I don't softlock in Covenant!!! I haven't played X6 100% in a while, but I think I can PB if I don't get owned on Scaravich, since I did practice a lot since I got my PB in this, and my PB was absolute garbage lol Scythe is quick n' easy, you know how it is. Memento Mori will be epic, I'm well practiced on 1-20, but 21-30 not so much. Will probably be bad.

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryFinal Time
Any% No Item Glitch 01:02:50
Any% 00:23:52
Any% 00:23:27
Any% 00:18:20
Any% 01:51:35
100% 01:18:12
UV Speed 00:19:47
UV Max 04:01:04

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