Sunday Runday! #39

For this episode of "Sunday Runday!" I will be collaborating with my boys over at the NASA channel who are doing a marathon to raise money for NASA2017 which is an in person marathon taking place in CANADA next year. I went to the previous one this year, which you can find videos of here:

NASA is kind of a *GDQ type marathon but instead of being focused on donations and money and being epic mainstream garbage, it's focused on the speedruns, the speedrunners, and video games. However, having an event like this still costs money. Naegleria took most of the cost for this year's event on to himself, which was based, but the NASA boys want to try their best to be more fair to our ol' friend.

I also have goals for donations up on their stream if you wish to contribute. My runs on their stream will be from midnight to 6am EST unless they fuck me over. I'll be starting off with M&M's Shell Shocked, and will be doing RE4, MMX6, and Doom 2 (Categories dependent on donation goals!) and I will fill the rest of the time with other random shit hehe :)

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Monday, December 05, 2016
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