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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategory
Crrool & Shadowfrost Crrool & Shadowfrost
DarkCucco DarkCucco XBox one 100%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 PC Ultra Violence episode 1-3
badBlackShark TrueBlackShark PC Any%
jellyd0ts & TheMotherBrain86 jellyd0ts & TheMotherBrain86 PC any%
xandertje10 xandertje10 GBC 100%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 Mega Drive (JP) any%
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PC Any% no EQD
Boxmeister Boxmeister GBA 100%
TheMotherBrain86 & ShuriBear TheMotherBrain86 & ShuriBear NES any%
Thextera Thextera_ PS1 120%
Riekelt Riekelt PSTV 100 Egg
Monday, August 20, 2018
TheRolePlayingGuy TheRolePlayingGuy PS4 Beginner NG+
Michiej & Nepumuk Michie & NepumukGaming PC Any% 2 Players
Dolany Dolany PC Mage Any% NSC
nandii & thatstandoe Nandii & Standoe PC Any% PC
Thextera Thextera_ Atari Jaguar Any%
Nandii Nandii Wii Any%
Wizboy73 Wizboy73 PS2 All Races
Michiej Michie SNES Any%
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PS3 NG+ Any%
Araya ArayaLoL GB Reverse Badge Order
LegendEater LegendEater GB Glitch Exhibition
Crrool & Boxmeister Crrool & Boxmeister GB Any% Glitchless
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
wartab wartab 3DS Any%
Sniperwave Sniperwave DS Any% With Wondermails
JimB JimB162 GCN All Circuits (No Retire)
Wizboy73 Wizboy73 PC Speedrun mode
Lighten95 Lighten95 PC Any% (Old Patch)
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC any%
ThatStanDoe ThatStanDoe PC Any%
ShuriBear ShuriBear NES any%
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH N64 P1 Stadium S-Hard
Riekelt & RDVvsTheWorld Riekelt & RDVvsTheWorld Switch All Levels (Base Game)
YESr YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC Glitchless
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH SNES 0-20
Siver SiverIGuess PC Warpless No OoB
Dutchj Dutchj SNES 96 Exit
Slyceth Slyceth PC Any%
Rasschla & ramanujan Rasschla & ramanujan1992 PC Better Any%
Dutchj Dutchj GCN 120 Shines
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Mr_Brood & 2RED2Game Mr_Brood & 2RED2Game PC All Bosses 2p1c
Lighten95 Lighten95 PC NG+ All Levels
Grumpmeister Grumpmeister Cdi 100%
SansSkill S4nsSkill PC Student%
Flutz123 & JimB Flutz123 & JimB162 GB Any%
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld N64 Minigame Island Any%
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC Any%
Boxmeister Boxmeister GB Any%
luigiman2201 luigiman2201 GCN Any%
Mr_Brood Mr_Brood GBC Story Mode
Rasschla Rasschla GBC Beat the game Easy
IndDragPack IndDragPack SNES Any%
luigiman2201 luigiman2201 GCN Any%
Rasschla & IndDragPack Rasschla & IndDragPack PC Beat World Cup
TheRolePlayingGuy TheRolePlayingGuy PC GlitchyMeme%
ShadowFrost & RDVvsTheWorld ShadowFrost & RDVvsTheWorld Wii VC 16 Star
Riekelt Riekelt PC All Trophies (Full Game)
IndDragPack IndDragPack PC Wuppertal%
Crrool Crrool GB Beat the Game
Grumpmeister Grumpmeister CDi 100%
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH GB Any%
Kinnin11 & Sniperwave Kinnin11 & Sniperwave GBA Any% coop
ShadowFrost & Dutchj ShadowFrost & Dutchj GCN Any% (no Out of Bounds)
Thursday, August 23, 2018
wartab wartab 3DS any%
Siver SiverIGuess DS Any%
Rasschla & ramanujan Rasschla & ramanujan1992 PC All Cards
Riekelt Riekelt PS2 Any%
RDVvsTheWorld & Nickunderscore RDVvsTheWorld & Nickunderscore Wii U Any% (Classic Mode 2 Player Co-Op)
aKittyKat aKittyKatsr PC Any% NLS
Crrool Crrool PC Any%
Sharkey91 Sharkey91 3DS 50 Star
Friday, August 24, 2018
YesR YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC Any NG+
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC (pico-8) Any%
mghtymth mghtymth GBC Any%
Valyssa0 Valyssa GCN Story mode (Any Difficulty)
Thextera Thextera_ PC Any%
Sniperwave & Siver Sniperwave & SiverIGuess DS Beat the Game
ShadowFrost ShadowFrost Wii Any%
Siver & Sharkey91 SiverIGuess & Sharkey91 3DS Any%
Nickunderscore Nickunderscore Wii U All Castles
mrmeanmoustache & ShadowFrost mrmeanmoustache & ShadowFrost N64 & Wii VC 70 Star
RDVvsTheWorld & Sharkey91 RDVvsTheWorld & Sharkey91 3DS Any%
Riekelt Riekelt PS3 Any%
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld N64 Any%
Crrool & IndDragPack Crrool & IndDragPack PSP All Dungeons (PSP)
Saturday, August 25, 2018
aKittyKat aKittyKatsr GBA Any%
Alex97 Alex97_bfbb Xbox Any%
Michiej Michie SNES Ancient Cave any%
Sniperwave Sniperwave DS Any%
Fireman FiremanPC PC Easy Championship%
Valyssa0 Valyssa Switch Time Attack
MrmeanMoustache MrmeanMoustache N64 Skips
IndDragPack IndDragPack PS2 Story Mode
Valyssa0 Valyssa GBA Time Attack Novice Tracks
Xita Xita PC Any% (No MMS)
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
Relvoi Relvoi PC Any%
ShadowFrost, AlaeusSR, Paulister & Vhisarion ShadowFrost, AlaeusSR, Paulister & quimito99 Wii Any% 2v2 Relay Race
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
Relvoi & ShadowFrost Relvoi & ShadowFrost Switch Any%
Riekelt & Nickunderscore Riekelt & Nickunderscore PC Any%
Crrool & Shadowfrost Crrool & Shadowfrost

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