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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategory
BSG BSG Couch Start%
ArayaLoL ArayaLoL NDS Any%
ShuriBear ShuriBear X360 Any%
janglestorm janglestorm SNES Any%
DoubleDubbel DoubleDubbel GCN 1P Puzzle Normal
JimB162 vs Flutz123 JimB162 vs Flutz123 GB Any% (Randomized Level Order)
ZnTSaito vs Crrool ZnTSaito vs Crrool SNES Gades% Retry
Monday, August 12, 2019
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld Switch Any% Classic Mode
Riekelt Riekelt GCN Randomizer
Boxmeister Boxmeister GBA Any% GBA
ShadowFrost ShadowFrost NDS Any%
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PS3 NG+ any%
Tricrow Tricrow PC Intro%
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH GB All Levels
ThePlumberHimself ThePlumberHimself PC any%
JimB162 JimB162 GBC 100% / 125%
Tricrow Tricrow PC Any% No save abuse - Heroes
Relvoi Relvoi Switch Hero Mode Any%
YourEverydaySpeedrunner YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC Glitchless
Knipje Knipje PC SIngle Player
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Badkiara Badkiara PC Any%
janglestorm janglestorm PC Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB) / All Dark Magic Pirate Mode (no OoB)
TehHammerShow TehHammerShow PC Any% (NO SSU)
DarkCucco DarkCucco Switch Any%
S4nsSkill S4nsSkill GCN All Cup Tour
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC Ending C+
Thextera Thextera_ PS1 Any%
DoubleDubbel DoubleDubbel PC Solo No Skips - Ruby
Sniperwave Sniperwave NDS C-Ending
DoubleDubbel DoubleDubbel GCN Any%
Crrool Crrool SNES Boogey%
Rasschla & Kaethil Rasschla & Kaethil PC Any% Co-op
Firefox__ & Knipje Firefox__ & Knipje PC Coop all main courses%
Riekelt & Someone Riekelt & CertainlySomeoneHere PC NG+ Any% Coop
JimB162 JimB162 GCN Official Nintendo Competition
Siver SiverIGuess PC Any%
RowanPlaysGames_ RowanPlaysGames_ PC Any%
JimB162 JimB162 GB 800cc national Circuit
YumeTsubasaCH vs Kinnin11 YumeTsubasaCH vs Kinnin11 GB Beat the Game
ArayaLoL ArayaLoL GB Any% Glitchless
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Grumpmeister Grumpmeister Atari Lynx Any%
Boxmeister Boxmeister GBA 100% v1.2
DoubleDubbel vs Linkameister DoubleDubbel vs Linkameister GCN Any%
DistroTV DistroTV XBOX1 Legendary
AlaeusSR vs Shadowfrost AlaeusSR vs Shadowfrost Wii Any%
Tricrow Tricrow PC Any%
Crrool Crrool Wii Any%
RDVvsTheWorld vs GreenSnowDog RDVvsTheWorld vs GreenSnowDog WiiVC Any% / All Melons 1-lap
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH GB Any%
Someone CertainlySomeoneHere NDS Any%
Riekelt Riekelt PC All Trophies
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PC All Bosses
Mystery person Mystery person
Exodustx0 Exodustx0 PC All Pages
Nandii Nandii GCN All Teensies
ThePlumberHimself ThePlumberHimself PC any%
SansSkill S4nsSkill PC Beat the game
Grumpmeister Grumpmeister Philips CDi Any%
LinkaMeister LinkaMeister WiiVC 101%
Thursday, August 15, 2019
LinkaMeister LinkaMeister WiiVC Any% Glitched
Thextera Thextera_ PC Any%
WiredWicky WiredWicky PC Any% no s/q
Dolany Dolany PC Any% NSC
KillerChair KillerChair GBA Any% (normal)
PiranhaPig PiranhaPig PC Any% no OOB
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC 100% Pacifist Dashless
wartab wartab 3DS Any%
YourEverydaySpeedrunner YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC any%
SatanicNerd SatanicNerd PC Glitchless / Low%
Tricrow Tricrow PC Hag% vs Swine%
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld DS Any%
ShadowFrost ShadowFrost Wii Any%
SansSkill S4nsSkill PC Any%
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC Any%
Riekelt Riekelt PC All Stages
quimito99 vs RDVvsTheWorld quimito99 vs RDVvsTheWorld GBA Any%
Rasschla Rasschla GBA Any%
TinyTim78 TinyTim78 PC Complete the game
Boxmeister & Xita vs YumeTsubasaCH & Escheria Boxmeister & Xita vs YumeTsubasaCH & Escheria SNES 2player relay Combo Randomizer Race
Friday, August 16, 2019
GreenSnowDog GreenSnowDog Switch Any%
RowanPlaysGames_ RowanPlaysGames_ PS2 All Masks
Siver SiverIGuess 3DS Any% Warpless
Fireman FiremanPC PC Any% (Rookie Difficulty - Hex)
Crrool Crrool PC Any%
Nandii Nandii Wii 32 Tracks - No skips - Balanced items
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH SNES Easy - V-Hard
Escheria Escheria PC Any% Inbounds - Standard Mode
GreenSnowDog & Relvoi GreenSnowDog & Relvoi Switch Nitro Tracks / 150cc / Items
Kaethil vs Rasschla Kaethil vs Rasschla PC Any% 60 FPS
ShadowFrost & YourEverydaySpeedrunner ShadowFrost & YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC All Stories Relay
Nepumuk NepumukGaming PC any%
Xita Xita Switch Single Story(Cyrus)
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 GBA Any%
wartab & ArayaLoL wartab & ArayaLoL Switch Any% (race)
ShuriBear ShuriBear NES Any%
Heinki Heinki PC any%
Saturday, August 17, 2019
GreenSnowDog vs Riekelt vs RDVvsTheWorld GreenSnowDog vs Riekelt vs RDVvsTheWorld Switch Funky Mode Any% No Death Abuse
Sniperwave vs Siver Sniperwave vs SiverIGuess NDS Any%
Tricrow Tricrow PC Casual%
ShadowFrost & ThePlumberHimself ShadowFrost & ThePlumberHimself Wii Any% relay
ShuriBear ShuriBear SNES Ancient Cave Any% No Manipulation
GreenSnowDog GreenSnowDog PC Any%
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH PC Freudia Any%
Heinki Heinki PC twitch%
Riekelt Riekelt PS2 All Monkeys
ThePlumberHimself vs Crrool Team ThePlumberHimself vs Team Crrool GB 99rms easy relay (race)
Nandii Nandii PC Neutral
Grumpmeister Grumpmeister Philips CDi All Cutscenes
Jelster64 Jelster64 Wii VC GSR
BSG BSG Couch End%

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