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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategory
Thextera, ShadowFrost Thextera_, ShadowFrost
Valyssa0 Valyssa N64 GP Bronze & Silver Cup
luigiman2201 luigiman2201 GCN 1P Puzzle Normal
S4nsSkill S4nsSkill PC Level 10 Garden
loginner Zexion6 PC one gun roundabout CP
Thextera Thextera_ PS1 120%
Xita Xita PC Any% (No MMS)
ThePlumberHimself ThePlumberHimself PC Any%
Basten, ShadowFrost Basten, ShadowFrost GCN Any%
Riekelt, RDVvsTheWorld Riekelt, RDVvsTheWorld Switch Funky Any% NDS
Everything Everything
Sunday, July 08, 2018
Nandii Nandii Wii 32 Tracks No skips (Balanced Items)
Xita, Crrool Xita, Crrool GBC Any% No Bad Clone
Nandii Nandii GCN All Teensies
Crrool, aKittyKat Crrool, aKittyKatsr SNES Randomizer, standerd mode (2p1c)
Crrool Crrool Switch Great Plateau Any%
Crrool, Thextera Crrool, Thextera_

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