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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch username(s)PlatformCategory
BSG BSG Runnerchair Start%
teunxgoku Teunxgoku PC Brigand%
ShuriBear ShuriBear NES Tournament
Ischbinder Ischbinder NES Any%
BadRNG8 BadRNG8 PC Any%
Valyssa Valyssa GCN Story mode(any difficulty)
janglestorm janglestorm MS-DOS Any%
Clover Official_Clover PC Any%
Riekelt Riekelt PS1 Any%
Killerchair Killerchair PC All levels 2 laps
Ischbinder Ischbinder PC 8-Bit No OoB
teunxgoku & Sniperwave Teunxgoku & Sniperwave PC Swine%
Boxmeister & Crrool Boxmeister & Crrool Switch Single Story (Tressa)
Everyone Everyone Wonderswan 5000 Sheep
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Crrool Crrool GBC Any% NSC
Someone CertainlySomeoneHere 3DS Any% Zizou
Siver & RDVvsTheWorld SiverIGuess & RDVvsTheWorld 3DS Any%
SpoiledFreckle SpoiledFreckle PC Any%
SatanicNerd SatanicNerd PC Any%
DoubleDubbel DoubleDubbel WiiU 10 Missions (Gunship)
IrisIsotheis irisisotheis SNES Route Randomizer
Riekelt Riekelt Switch Any% Glitchless
BSG BSG TwitchRaid End%

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